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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10 Day You Challenge: 7 Wants

Man, picking only 7 might be hard... we'll see! ;)

In no particular order.....
  1. To be debt free - if my car and credit cards were paid off, I'd have more money to do things (house stuff, vacations, etc).  I don't need to win a lottery and have all the money in the world, just to be free of those bills would be enough to make me happy.
  2. A new upstairs bathroom - free of pink, free of a toilet that only flushes the paper if you hold the handle down the entire time it flushes (and even then it doesn't always flush it), free of a toilet that takes over 3 minutes to fill back up, with a shower so that I can shower on the same level as my bedroom, a new sink, oh so many things that need to be done to that bathroom!
  3. A flat stomach - HA!  I'll just leave it at that.
  4. A 1970 Chevelle - no big deal, just my favorite car.  I love old muscle cars and I really (really) feel like I'd look badass driving one!  That's all.
  5. A Patio - Steve and I have dreams... obviously.  The land our house is on was divided a couple of owners ago, so rather than having a back yard, we have a house back there - so there is no real place to put a deck or anything.  So our idea is to put a patio on the front of our house - shit, I haven't even shown you people the outside of our house, have I?  Might make more sense if I do that... but we're just wanting to put down brick pavers and make ourselves a nice patio.  Currently we have an outdoor patio set (table and chairs) sitting on a cement slab between out house and garage.  Not the ideal setup for dining outside.  I'll try to get some picture and post them so you can see how we are set up.
  6. To learn Spanish - it's on my Bucket List, but I'd just love to be fluent in Spanish.  I think in America today, it is a good language to know and I had a good start on it at one point.
  7. To see Europe - 'nuff said.


gringationcancun said...

Great list!!! I really want to see the outside of the house, and the upstairs bathroom :)

Smart Ass Sara said...

Someday.. you're going to miss that pink bathroom! ;)

And honestly? Your list is pretty do-able, so that's good! I totally agree with the patio! We have one (sort of) but I would like it to be fixed up. And a fence so I could put out nice yard stuff without fear of it being stolen!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I like that these are things that are totally doable Ang. And I have faith in you!

Why is "Cause lots of trouble in Milwaukee with Krysten" not on this list? Sheesh.

Kristi said...

I also want to be debt free!! 2 more years on my plan, cannot wait until it is all paid off! Hope you can work a few things off this list!


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