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Thursday, July 7, 2011

House: Outside

As promised.. here are some photos of the outside of the house:

First of all, the only picture I have of this huge change is from winter - back before the house was purchased - this huge tree was leaning in front of the house and it was ug-ly:
A few weeks ago, Steve's dad and brother came over and took it down:
Big hole!

Hell YES!  Looks WAY better.  Then, you'll notice all those bushes along the ground... well, those are all in the process of coming out and/or being replaced.
Some of the bushes remaining
Bushes gone along the front of the house!  The remaining ones in this picture have been trimmed to be the same height
My mom has been coming over and helping out with weeding and the planting of new stuff:
Hostas, Lupine, and Azaleas :)

So, we're slowly but surely filling in the empty spaces.

We're also in the process of scraping, sanding, priming, and painting out exterior trim (which is taking WAY longer than we hoped, because it sucks!), so ignore how awful the trim looks :)

Here are some other pictures from the exterior of the house:
Garage, patio, side door (the door we come and go from)

Side door and current 'patio' area
view of the 'patio' from the yard - see what I mean about this not being the ideal patio?  The table in the back is just sitting between the garage and house, can't look out to see much...
This is looking into our 'backyard' from the patio
From the back of the patio
This is still from the back of the patio, but looking at the back of the house, towards the park

Just another of the front of house

Beyond our yard is a park
Sidewalk leading to the front door - 

From a bit farther back

There is no path/sidewalk that leads from the garage (where we park) to the front door, so we never use this door.  This would be where we want to put a real patio.

This is the view from the park side of the house, that is our front porch, which you enter if you use the front door
still from the park side, just further over towards the neighbors house.  All those ground dwelling bushes up near the house are the same as what was in the front of the house - those will be coming out at some point as well.

This is what used to be our backyard, now it's our neighbors driveway.  Not much room  for anything.


Fred Miller said...

That's a great deal of work and love.

I admire your taste in houses, too.

gringationcancun said...

Not much of a back yard, but your side yard (by the front porch) is pretty big!!! It's a beautiful house, and the yard is great :)

I'd maybe put some large potted plants/bushes on your current patio to make it liveable while you wait for the real patio.

Kristi said...

I love the park side view, it is adorable!!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Ang I am totally in love with your house! I want to come visit!

Smart Ass Sara said...

That looks a ton better! I would say wait a year, maybe two before you plant any more stuff. Only because you'll see how big your stuff grows in. We have hostas that we thought were going to be small, but they are kind of huge. So... the stuff I planted around them had to be moved.

KimBerly said...

Nice work girl!!

Dana said...

You have a very lovely house and it is really coming along. Sweat equity!


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