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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thoughts For Thursday- Guilty Pleasures

Today is simple because I can't think of much to say (Hold the phone... yes, I have nothing to say!!)
It's not deep or meaningful ... simple, but guilty, pleasures in life.

Last night, as I was sitting on my couch enjoying the American Idol auditions with a friend [who is fully against watching the show], I was so excited that this time of year was upon us.
The auditions are the best part of the show, rightfully so too, they edit them just for people like me.  I've watched one full season of AI because there was a hot chick on there that I wanted to continue to watch; it pretty much sucked.  
I know deep down that when I tell people that I've watched or that I'm going to watch, I should be embarrassed... but its my guilty pleasure.  It's been on 2 nights so far and they have 6 more cities to visit; 8 nights of 2 hours of guilty pleasure in 1 year, I'm not doing so bad.

It also got me thinking... what else do I consider to be a guilty pleasure of mine?

  • Friday - I never work on Fridays, most people would use a day off to get things done... and sometimes I do, but most of the time I treat it as what it is; a day off.  I use my day to do absolutely nothing, I watch TV, I take naps, I make myself good coffee and good breakfast, I cuddle with my cat... I do all the things I want; it's my day.
  • Comfy pajama pants - I own way too many pairs of comfy pants, one pair has Tinkerbell on them, but they are so soft!  I will go into a clothing store and not buy anything but a pair of comfy pajama pants.  Generally when I get home from work, I change into them right away.
  • Chocolate - ever since I started drinking coffee I've learn to enjoy a piece of chocolate every now and again.  You may be surprised to know that I'm not a fan of sweets [give me salt any day though], but I've learned that chocolate and coffee are such a great combination together; I now keep a jar of chocolate on my desk at work to enjoy a piece anytime I want.
  • Sushi - it should be no surprise to you at this point that I love the stuff; it's not cheap.  I try to treat myself to a dinner of it once every couple months.  I have no qualms with going to a sushi dinner alone, sometimes I prefer it alone, which brings me to my next guilty pleasure...
  • Alone time - I take full advantage of my alone time.  I never feel guilty because I'm being lazy, I don't care if I have nothing to do... every person would be a lot happier if they spent some time alone.  I highly recommend finding the time for yourself; stop trying to please people, it's okay to say no to plans.  Find time for you!
So, Thoughts for Thursday... What is your guilty pleasure?  Do you have more than one?  If you have none, why don't you?  It can be anything you want, from trashy romance novels to TV shows, from food to movies, from music to alcohol, from video games to silly things you do... anything!

Kristi, Nicole, Denise


Lovi said...

There are more than a few TV shows I'm embarressed to admit that I not only watch but seriously look forward to..."Flipping Out" comes to mind, along with ..and I can't believe I'm admitting this, but here goes: Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Ugh, I can't believe I just said that. I'm proud of watching Kathy Griffin: My Life On the D List. That show rocks and so does she.

Others? Coffee, TV in general, Chipotle, and cuddling up with a blanket on the couch for hours at a time.

Thank GOD for guilty pleasures. :-)

Lynne said...

Great topic Ang! I LOVE AI, especially the beginning part. Other guilty pleasures include:

reality tv in general
alone time
comfy sweat pants as soon as I get home
doing nothing

Ang said...

Lovi and Lynne, both... you guys should get into TFT... it's fun and gives you at least one goal in a week ;)

and I thought of another of mine: Britney Spears!

Dawn said...

Nothing better than watching AI in some comfy pajama pants. I almost ALWAYS jump into mine as soon as I get home. OK wait...maybe better than that would be watching BB in comfy pants.

Dawn said...

Oh...and let me add this....

Watching AI in comfy pants ALONE would be ideal. I love Joe but he yells at the tv so much, I spend more time rewinding than anything else. :-)

Michelle Leigh said...

Hmmm, a shower alone would be a guilty pleasure around here! LOL. I guess my guilty pleasures are sweets, starbucks (trying to kick that damn habit!), going to bed early, surfing the web while my kids are watching tv (bad mom, slap on the wrist!). Good topic!

Denise said...

Oh, Good Post and Lucky Girl if I had Friday's off I would do the exact same thing.

My Guilty Pleasure:

Watching Rock of Love Bus ~ haha I can't believe I am putting this in writing. The show is such a train wreck but it is so entertaining.

Comfy P.J. Pants are a big fan of mine too!

My IPOD ~ A new one. I love Music. A song can inspire me and change my mood for the rest of the day so I always have my ipod with me.

Sushi ~ All I am going to say is YUM!!!!!!!

Organizing ~ I know, I can be called a Dork for this one but I LOVE to organize. Any chance I get to clean out someones cupboards, closet and so on makes me so happy.

Throwing items away ~ I get such a rush out of throwing something away that is taking up space in my life. I always get a huge smile as I am thrwoing away the empty shampoo bottle. (1 less thing makes me feel so good). haha

Okay, I have many more but these are probably my top and if I share too many more you will really think I am crazy! ;)

Kristi said...

Eating is probably my guiltiest pleasure...I eat practically anything I want (and it shows!), but Losing 40 lbs in the past two years without trying has also been a guilty pleasure :)
I would also say reading blogs and surfing the internet. Going through my closets and purging is another one!

Dana Leigh said...

Always has to have something to do with food for me.

-Dunn Bros. Ice Cremas
-Ordering a bunch of chinese food and watching Sex and the City marathons
-Bare escentuals make up

Fun topic!

Renee said...

jeez... I have a TON of guilty pleasures!!! If I must confess a about Big Brother, Big Brother Chat rooms? lol!! (thank goodness for them though, really!) Um... let's see.. there is:

* McDonalds Non Fat Vanilla Lattes (i am hooked)
* surfing the net for hours at a time
* Romance Novels... hard to beat a new Nora Roberts!!!! If you haven't tried her, I HIGHLY recommend it!
* Cheese! I love it! the more the better...
* 24 hour news channels....I leave them on all day and watch... I am a dork!
* oh... and Big Love.. SO EXCITED it is coming back on this week!!!!!

okay.. those are a few of mine... I feel cleansed now. ;)

Thanks Ang!!

Loopy said...

Why feel guilty about anything that brings you pleasure?


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