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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 Photo Review

Well, 2008 had it's up and downs for sure... and in effort to follow along with the blog world, I want to recap my year through photographs; only the good though.  This will be long!!
Here we go:
Duluth for my cousins 21st Birthday:
Learning how to knit!

My crazy outcast cousins and our photo shoots!

Having a blast at Rich's show

St. Patty's Day craziness with these fools (and walking away with the tie and buttons undone)

My trip to Vegas to visit with these 2 wonderful and beautiful women!

Mother/Daughter/Sister/Aunts/Cousins weekend in Nisswa

NYC in the Spring and seeing Coney Island for the first time!

Buying my first brand new car!!!

Playing in the rain with my silly family

Hanging with my boy Brandon and taking millions of pics on his MacBook

Many Twins games over the entire summer

Watching Jordan grow and seeing her turn 1:

Jenny's Wedding

My Brother's 30th Birthday

Road Trip to MO to visit this great family (Not Pictured: Renee)

Jeff and Carissa's Wedding

Several Vikings games... and lots of drinking :)

Dressing up for Halloween and actually enjoying it!

Going to see Wicked

Rich (and ALL my friends and family) coming out for my birthday:


Dawn said...

Still loving the hair on you!!!

Loopy said...

A year in review, what a great idea. Well done Ang

Kristi said...

LOVE this post!!! I am going to do one like this every year :)

Lynne said...

What a great year!!

Dana Leigh said...

Looks like you had some good times. I love the bag you knitted. I'm in the process of doing one of these posts too but I haven't found the time to finish it. I've been looking for pictures for highlights of each month throughout the year. Oh, and yes, sushi soon!

~Terri~ said...

Hmmmm....I think I recognize that pink bag. I have one that looks just like it 8-)!

What a great way to remember the highlights of the year! Great idea.


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