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Monday, December 29, 2008

Hair Photo Journal

Below this line was written 12.29.08 -

I don't really have a lot of styles to share this time.  After using product in my hair and loading it up with bobby pins so much I was noticing a lot of broken hairs... so I wanted to make sure my shit was in tip top shape to donate, so I stopped the styles.  I do have the donation update though!
Friday, December 26, 2008 - 
On Christmas night out at the bar I saw Cianna, she's who cuts my hairs, and we gots to talking... I pretty much decided at that point that I was ready to get rid of the hair.  I was thinking I'd do it sometime within the next week and asked what her schedule was.  Long and short of it (no pun intended)... I went on Friday.  I woke up knowing that was my days goal, amongst other things.  I have a picture from before, of the length and one from right after getting it cut:
 Pretty sure it's obvious that I'm kind of nervous about it.  I've donated the hair, so I feel good about that.  Cianna works at Fantastic Sams and not only do they give a free haircut when you donate... they actually take care of donating the hair for you.  So I didn't do anything!  
I feel like I look 12 which, now being 27, isn't a bad thing, right?
This entry... being that I no longer have hair... will conclude that Hair Journal.  I really didn't do as much as I thought or wanted, but it was fun.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Now time to start growing my shit out again!

Below this line was written 12.14.08 -
Wednesday, December 10, 2008 - 
I decided to do a French braid... which is not easy to do alone with hair my length.. but I managed.  It was really the only thing I did with my hair during the week... it must have been super dry all week cause the static was in full effect, so it was up most of the time; here is the braid:
Pretty lame, but it was the first time I ever successfully did a french braid, so there.

Friday, December 12th, 2008 -
So, the plan was to go out to celebrate my birthday (which is actually on the 16th), and I wanted to do something with my hair, obviously.  So I get the idea to do curls... I search my entire basement for my hot rollers and can't find them, so I go to Ulta and pick up a set, on sale, for $19.99.  I eat dinner and put my hair up in the rollers, leave them in while I do some other girl type things and let them set for at least an hour:
Silly, really... but I wanted to share.
Turns out hot rollers don't really work, or at least not in my hair.  Now that I think about it, curls have never really set well in my hair unless it was a perm.  Here is what it ended up looking like:
I did the zig-zag part for you, Lovi.  I ended up pinning back the top half, but didn't get any pictures before I left, as I was kind of rushed out of my house.  I'll be posting a blog of Friday night out and you can see it then, otherwise there are pictures on facebook (hopefully soon on myspace too).

That's all I've got for you folks... not really anything exciting!

Below this line was written 12.7.08 -
Tuesday, December 2, 2008 - 
Since Monday's lame attempt at a work day hair style I haven't done too much.. and being that my weekend has been pretty mellow I honestly don't have a lot to share today. I refuse to wake up early on a work day just to do something with my hair.
Tuesday I modified my ponytail a little... rather than doing a poofy section in front, I did the entire front in a poof then put it in a ponytail.  The other thing I did was wrap my hair around the ponytail holder... something I've seen girls do for a very long time, but never took the time to do it myself; it really adds to the simple pony!  I also took the picture before I left for work, so forgive my tired eyes (I wake up at 5am!):
Turns out I only took 2 pictures and the other was super blurry... so you can't really see the front, basically a whole big poof.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008 -
I've had a little hair thing for several years... the longer my hair got the less I could use it; I decided to give it another shot (I cannot believe all my hair fit into this thing and it held up!):
the second picture shows off the zig-zag part ('crooked river' as Bob calls it); I do that quite often.

Saturday, December 6, 2008 -
Last night I met up with a few friends to watch some hockey... I hadn't been motivated all day (was dealing with a migraine Friday), but I got up and got at it... I had an idea that didn't turn out as well as I had hoped because it was just too time consuming.  I ended up with a zig-zag part, a funny little spiral on the top of my head and a unique looking ponytail.
The front:
The Back:
The back, close up:
Basically I put it in a ponytail, divided the pony into 3 sections, twisted them and used bobby pins to pin them up... then just used some hairspray to flair up the ends to create an effect from the front.  The little spiral thing in front was basically just a piece of hair I pulled out before I put the pony up and twisted the hell out of that and pinned it up in a spiral.

I'm running out of ideas... there really isn't a lot you can do with long hair, I'll keep trying.

Below this line was written 12.1.08 -
For you, Dawn; tonight I begin my photo journal of my hair.  Though, as I go on, I fear I'm going to run out of styles to play with... we shall see.  Let me just say a few things right off the bat: first, You are probably going to get to know my bathroom quite well, because it's the best place to get a good picture of the overall style.  Second, Just know that I already feel like a 13 year old taking pictures to post on myspace... and that is not a good feeling.

Thursday, November 27th, 2008 [Thanksgiving Day]:
I wake up with every intention of pulling the flat iron through my hair and calling it a day (I don't normally flat iron because my hair is straight, but the flat iron gives it a little something extra and on a holiday every now and again it's okay).  I get in the shower and once the shampoo goes in I start playing with hairdos (yes, I have a mirror in the shower and yes, I play with my hair styles, bite me!)... I come up with this crazy swirl on top of my head and became curious if I could really do such a thing.  Well, I didn't have time, so I opted for something else.  I ended up with a braid going from one side of my head to the other (right to left), it was kinda neat, but I have a shit ton of annoying fly-aways, so I had to find a home for them.  Here are a few shots of what I ended up with:
Needless to say, I ended up with a TON of hairspray in my hair and on my face.

Friday, November 28, 2008:
I took the braid out in a last minute attempt to get ready for the evening... no way could I leave with it like that; talk about volume!  I pulled out the bobby pins and got busy, I don't have a super great picture of the style, but here is something:
Basically, just one of those cute little poofs on the top of my head, with a triple barrel iron run through some random spots of the straight stuff.
Saturday, November 29, 2008:
I didn't sleep at home on Friday night, so my hair and make-up were a mess the next day.. but I kind of liked it, so I rolled with it.  Came home to get ready, ended up playing in Photoshop and running out of time... so I end up with the same little poof but tried to add another poof behind it (Amy Winehouse-esque, but not quite as dramatic):

The second picture is after I took it all down... I felt like I popped back into the 80's for a second.
Monday, December 1, 2008:
I doubt I'm going to get too funky on work days, mostly because I'm finding most things are not just a quick process.  I will post as I have them though; todays style (taken after the gym, so it's not quite how it was in the morning) was an attempt to recreate the double poof:
Hard to see, I know... and pretty much destroyed from the workout, I promise it looked better when I first left the house.

I'll post more (and update the date) as I get more creative.. as always, I'm open to suggestions!


Dawn said...

For me??? You're the bomb!!!!!

OK, first let me say....I've been wondering how well that flat iron thing is going to work for me as I let my hair grow back. It's not so unbearable right now, coming just an inch past my shoulders. Haven't decided if it's going to be easier or harder to do.

The Thanksgiving day style is quite creative. I don't have a creative bone in my body...kudos!

The Friday pic? I can't get past your eyes to see the hair....they just popped and look so amazing in that pic!!!!!

Saturday....DEFINITELY 80's!!!!

Today's? Yep...hard to see, and I'm sure it looked great this morning :-)

Since you asked for a suggestion, and you seem to have a knack for the 80's looks :-) How about Bo Derek's braids from the movie 10??? LOLOLOL I know....VERY time consuming, but I bet you would look great in you do always.

Dawn said...

oh....and a little PS:

Never have seen one of those triple barrel iron thingamabobs....and sure enough wouldn't know what to do with it!!!!!

Kristi said...

I love the wavy look on!
My hair has gotten really long too but I wear it down when I go out and in a ponytail most of the time because it has been a static mess lately and driving me crazy!!

Dana Leigh said...

It's fun to have long hair and play with it. I don't have much to work with anymore so I kinda miss that. It's fun to mix it up and cut every once in a while too. Cute styles!

~Terri~ said...

Have to say my favorite is the 3rd one. Love the waves. I agree with Dawn thou, hard to get past the eyes. Absolutely gorgeous.

Lovi said...

I like the zig zag part with the spiral pony tail!

Dawn said...

I wish I knew how to do a french braid when my hair was really long. For that matter, I wish I knew how to do anything other than a ponytail when my hair was that long!!!!

Lovi said...

for me? you rock! I dig the curls by the way!

Dawn said...

I love it!!!!!!


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