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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Convenient Stores of.... Super America

Since I have some out of state readers I will begin by simply saying that Super America is a chain of convenient stores in the midwest... well Minnesota for sure, and I honestly don't care which other states.

That being said the next thing you need to know is that Super America (SA, for short) has a slogan, like most businesses.  I'm not sure if this is still the slogan or not but it's worth writing about, either way.

"We're on your way... the convenience stores of Super America"

Now... to the point.  I love SA's coffee, when I'm on the road and in need of Coffee I try to find an SA to stop at as I am still boycotting Starbucks.  As the slogan states, they are on my way, so you'd assume I can hit the road and conveniently find a store, right?  Wrong.

I've been noticing over the past few months that SA is NOT on my way... and if they are, it's not convenient.  As you may or may not know, I don't like making left hand turns... it's not convenient and generally leads to several more lefts... ugh, back to the topic, Ang!

On a trip to the doctor a couple months back, in need of coffee... I hit the road, get on Hwy. 10 and the first SA I see involves taking an exit, making a couple turns in order to get there, then making several turns (lefts!) to get back to the highway.  There is no other SA to be seen on the way.  Not on my way, not convenient.

The other situation I find myself in is on the way to work... once in a while I want coffee before I get to work.  On my drive, mind you this is a 45 minute drive, I leave my house, get on the highway... drive... hit Anoka to see my first Super America on the left hand side of the road.  It's hard enough to get out of my car in the morning without having to deal with making left hand turns, no way will I stop there.  The next SA I come across is as I get into Elk River, on the left.. pass.  Finally I get to the second SA in Elk River, on the right hand side of the road; this is where I stop, 25 minutes into my drive.

I'm going to end this rant... I've been keeping track of this for a few months and finally had to get it out.  Pretty stupid, huh?  Maybe I should just suck it up and drink the nasty coffee at other gas stations, but screw that, it's my money... I want good coffee!

Have a great Wednesday :)


Lovi said...

How come you're boycotting Srarbucks?

Ang said...

Once upon a time there was a cozy little cafe on a San Francisco street corner... I was in love with the place; Starbucks bought them out and opened a store there, I have since stopped supporting the chain.

Loopy said...

Left hand turns can ge a drag without a left hand turn lane with lights. If you are like me and just have to have a good morning coffee, left turns are worth it.

Lovi said...

That I can understand. If I went to the u of M campus and Espresso Royale was gone, I'd be miffed.

Kristi said...

I do not drink coffee at all, but Holiday has the best Hot Chocolate-the one by me anyway! Everytime I go anywhere else (including SA) I am very disappointed!

Dawn said...

I absolutely HATE left turns. I'm so feelin ya on this one. If there's a business on the left, and something similar or same on the right, I will bypass the one on the left EVERY TIME.

To me it's just a huge inconvenience to have to sit and wait for traffic to clear so you can turn left...only to have to do it again to turn left when you leave the place so you can continue on your way.


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