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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Official...

Turns out I woke up a day older today.  Just like every other day.... only today I have a new number to go with it.  I have managed to survive 27 full years of life on this planet... GO ME!

Let me give you a brief explanation of what I expect today, this day that I was given life. 
If you know me at all, you know that I love attention, I make this no secret.  Today is my day :) even more so than any other day.  
I expected to wake up today with the birds chirping, the deer dancing, and the cows singing.  Just because I expect it, doesn't mean I get it.  
I woke up with cramps.. ugh. 
The day got better, and will hopefully continue to get better.  My car pool with Jayne this morning started with a seat heater turned on and her singing Happy Birthday to me.  I walk into work and go about my business to shortly thereafter find a beautifully wrapped gift on my desk.  Jayne got me a little something... martini mixes and martini napkins; guess I have to have a martini party now!  Who's down?
I continue, again, to go about my business only to be handed a gift from Chuck (now bare in mind these people are my family too, so it's not just co-workers bringing me things!), it was a jumbo coffee mug, Christmas themed, but said Hope on it.  Hope is my middle name, shared with my Grandma, and most of my family knows I'm very proud of it.  That was a special gift.
Then someone brought in cookies today for the place... I'm convinced it was because of my birthday.  I've had several birthday wishes from friends on facebook, including facebook itself!  
The icing on the cake so far today is a phone call I got... Bob is out the first half of this week and I will be gone Thursday upon his return, his mother passed away over the weekend so he is dealing with that.  In true Bob fashion, he called the office this morning to wish me a Happy Birthday.  That made me smile more than anything, so far.

So... tonight I am going to The Guthrie to see A Christmas Carol, my dad is taking me; I'm excited!  Wednesday I have to work, then I have to clean the office... then I have to go home and pack because I leave BRIGHT and early for San Francisco, Thursday morning.  I'll be spending probably Thursday and Friday in the city and will be taking a trip to wine country Saturday.  Pretty stoked... and the flight will give me a chance to read the manual for my new camera before I actually use it.  Dammit.. now the pressure is on!

Anyhow... be looking for blogs, but I might not get them all up until my return.


Lovi said...

Happy Birthday! I don't care how old you are, I think your birthday should be a day your family and friends treat you extra special, so right on!

Btw, I love the name Hope.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Angela!!!... you just made me laugh so hard- I'm so sorry the deer weren't dancing and the cows weren't singing this morning when you woke up! Have fun tonight, that will be so much fun! :)


Kristi said...

Happy Birthday my dear friend!!!
Hope you have an awesome, attention-filled day!

Dana Leigh said...

Happy Birthday! Have fun in San Fran too! Are you going to Napa or Sonoma Valley or both? If you go to Napa, go to Sterling Vineyards. I loved it there! Can't wait to see the pics! Have a good rest of the day.

Lynne said...

Happy birthday!!!!!
Have a wonderful day.

Dawn said...

I'm a day late here, but I did tell you happy birthday on myspace yesterday!!!!


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