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Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1, 2008 - Moon, Venus, Jupiter from Minnesota

As a kid Jupiter was always my favorite planet... tonight, up in the sky you will see the Earth's Moon, Venus, and Jupiter... it's quite a beautiful sight.  I was walking out of the gym when I first saw it:
Thought it was worth sharing... it really struck me as beautiful :)

Go out and see it if you haven't yet!


Dawn said...

Which is Venus and which is Jupiter?

Kristi said...

Very cool

Lovi said...

that's really cool. I didn't realize you could see those with the naked eye.

Dana Leigh said...

We saw them down in Florida too and I just knew they had to be planets. Not only until yesterday did I hear they were actually planets. We won't see both of these like this again until 2052!


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