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Monday, December 1, 2008

Price of The 12 Days of Christmas is UP!

I was listening to my favorite AM1500 this morning and heard that the actual cost of the items listed in The 12 Days of Christmas has gone up.  I had no idea anyone ever calculated this; it's been done since 1984!
Here is some history showing graphs of the cost.... I'm blown away.  

Cost of The 12 Days of Christmas for 2008 is: $86,609 (up 10.9% from last year).


Dawn said...

Wonder why anyone would take the time to sit and figure THAT out????

Lovi said...

what?? How would you even calculate the cost of "maids a milking" and "geese a laying"? Funny.

Dana Leigh said...

I heard the same thing on the news yesterday. I didn't know that they have been doing that for since '84 though. Weird.


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