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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random - Vol. 8.24

What if this is my last random blog with a Volume 8._ _  Come Thursday, with the beginning of 2009, I'm forced to change my random blogs to Volume 9._ _.  What a trip that's going to be!

Ok, so... yesterday before writing about my bomb weekend, I updated the Hair Journal - a nice picture of my beautiful LONG hair, followed by this new thing we are saying is cute.  I'm honestly not looking for sympathy or comments on this; I'm still getting used to it and not sure if I like it.  I donated my hair, it was the right thing to do... some little girl (or boy) is going to have a beautiful real hair wig because of me - that makes me feel great regardless of how I feel about my lack of hair; I could have it worse.

My car turned over 10K miles last week.  Take away the 1350 miles to MO and back and I'd still be under that mark.. so that's not too bad for 7 months, right?  Or is it.  dammit... gotta research - hold please.
Wow, here's some quick math for you.  I drive RT to work ~70 miles * 4 (times a week) * 4 (weeks a month) = 1120 miles a month just to work and back.  According to many websites out there, the average American drives 12K-15K miles a year.  So, being that my commute is longer than average... I'm not doing half bad!
Wow, talk about a random tangent.

As if you're not sick of hearing about it by now... but I'm just amazed by this tracker I have on my blog.  It has really helped me come up with titles that I otherwise wouldn't have.  That's all I'm going to say about it today.

I got excited for a brief moment yesterday when I went to Subway for lunch.  The Chicken Florentine was actually on the menu, rather than just a advertisement for it with a picture or whatever... I asked if it was going to be a permanent fixture on the menu... they told me no. :(

Last night I was trying to kill time before heading up to the bar for Steve's Birthday, so I thought, what better time to turn on the computer and upload all the pics from my new camera... I go to turn the computer on and nothing.  A bit of back story here: right before I was trying to prepare for my trip to SF and right before my accident, my mom was having computer issues.  Long story short we decided there was a power surge and her computer was fried... being that it was old we trashed it and she bought a new one, not worth fixing in her eyes, I guess.  Well, my computer (my desktop PC, not my laptop) is generally running all the time but since this surge it had been off and I never bothered to try turning it on.  I wanted to get my mom taken care of and worry about getting the hell outta town.
When I went to power it up last night it didn't want to turn on.  I checked the surge protector and the little red light was on stating that it was in face "protecting".  I've never had to deal with a surge protector doing it's job so I didn't know how to reset it.  I googled it and decided to unplug everything and flip the switch... after that, still nothing, red light is still on.  I'm not sure if that means the surge protector is fried and my computer stands a chance or what.  I need to dig deeper into it; I have no idea what steps to take from here.  I didn't want to get crabby over the computer last night so I just walked away.  I'm thinking bad things happen in 3's... what number am I at?

Last topic here because this is getting long and generally people only comment on the last thing I type about...
Do you think I should be putting a 'watermark' or some sort of ... something... on my pictures when I post them here?  So like, if some random person were to come along and fall in love with my picture it would be protected from thieves.  I'm open to thoughts!

1 comment:

~Terri~ said...

Love reading your random blogs... looking forward to Random-Vol 9.
I'm so happy for your decision to donate your hair. Some lucky person will be walkin around sportin your beautiful brown locks. Your a good person Ang!
Love ya tons!!!
Happy New Year!


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