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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thoughts For Thursday - Pink Sports Apparel

Today my Thoughts for Thursday is going to be more of a rant... and feel more than free to add your two cents (whether you agree or disagree with me) at the end.

Vikings colors are Purple/Gold/White, Twins colors are Red/White/Blue, Wild colors are Red/Green/Wheat/Gold, Timberwolves colors are Blue/Black/Silver/Green/White; those are the major sports teams in Minnesota.
My question is simple... why is it, when I go to games, I see girls wearing Pink sports apparel?  From the above mentions team colors no where did I list Pink.. I can't think of a single major sports team with the color Pink; can you?  I can surely understand if you are wearing a pink shirt with no team logo on it or something saying you support breast cancer research... hell, I support it and I have NOTHING against the color pink; I love the color Pink.  My teams were not founded on the color Pink though, therefore you should not be wearing it.
My theory is: the girls who do wear it are not real fans.  If you were a true Vikings fan you'd bleed Purple; I do.  If you really loved Joe Mauer (and his lips) you'd wear his shirt in blue; I do.
Here is a whole website with Pink sports merch.  Some pictures I found of pink crap:

All that being said, this is the only jersey that deserves to be Pink ('cause Brett's a bitch):

On a separate note: TJack will be playing this Sunday and I am full of HOPE!  SKOL VIKINGS!!!  I'm sure I'll be watching with a hangover...

Anyone have thoughts on this?


Lovi said...

I think you hit on the head. If you're really into it, you'll probably wear the real colors, not pink.

Dawn said...

LOLOLOL....I couldn't agree with you more. I'm probably opening myself up to some flaming here if there are NASCAR fans reading, but it bugged the crap out of me to see a pink Jeff Gordon hat.

Dana Leigh said...

Well, I understand your stance on this but I also understand with the NFL is trying to do also. Obviously they want to market the team's clothing to women too so I guess that means putting it in pink. :) I hate it and love it at the same time. I like that for once they are catering to women and I do like all the choices out there but I have yet to buy a pink jersey. I do have 2 women's jersey's, both Vikings purple and my first jersey was a lilac Vikings jersey. :) I do have some Vikings t-shirts that are pink and one white and pink Vikings hoodie. One of the reasons it pisses me off is because it has become trendy to go to a game, especially for baseball. I know more girls probably like baseball more than football but I GUARANTEE some of these girls have no idea of what is going on in the game but they sure do look cute in the their studded jersey. Aauugghh.

Kristi said...

Yeah, not a big fan of the would be better if there was some contrast but it is all the same pink. I prefer the rea deal too.


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