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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just found out that blogger offers a couple neat features that I would like to encourage you all to start using (on past and future blogs)...

They are called Reactions and Star Ratings - I've enabled them both, basically it's your chance to tell me what you think of the blogs, without having to comment.  I'm not sure which will work better, so please, play around with them and give me some feedback... I'll reassess after some time has passed.

I can change the titles of the Reactions anytime, but I've started them as: 'Yay' (meaning you like the post), 'Nay' (meaning you didn't like the post), and 'Meh' (meaning it was just okay).
The Star Ratings are pretty self explanatory, so use them as you wish.

...and please, let me know anytime if there is something I'm doing that you especially like or especially do not like.  I write this blog for me, but I am well aware that you are all out there reading.  I want to make you feel welcome here and I do value any input (good or bad) you may have!

Don't forget to use the new features... you should see them at the bottom of each post!


Loopy said...

Even if the topic of your blogs don't really interest me, I enjoy reading them so keep them coming.

Kristi said...

I'll be sure to rate them when I stop and leave comments! Sounds cool

~Terri~ said...

I like the rating idea. I read all of your blogs but don't always have time to comment. I give ya a YAY!


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