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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dodging Bullets and Ready for 2009!

Being that it's New Years Eve still, I can't really wish anyone a Happy New Year because, well, what if we don't make it?

I'm ready for the new year, I'm ready for a fresh start, I'm ready to mentally clean my slate!

Yesterday started out as such a good day, and I'm not real sure why.  I went out Monday night for Steve's birthday and didn't get to bed until like midnight and had to wake up at 5am.  I guess maybe I was overly tired all day and in turn just in a good mood.  Who knows?
'Round about 4pm yesterday my day became overwhelming.  I was packing up my stuff ready to call it a day at work, dug in my purse to pull out the cell phone and it wasn't there.
Since I tend to tell long winded stories, I will just cut to the chase with this one... When I got out of my car at work Tuesday morning my cell phone dropped on the ground into the snow and I didn't find it until 4pm.  It snowed all day... we must have got just over a foot of snow in Princeton!  Luckily it was cold enough that the snow wasn't melting, but just falling.
I quickly came in and dried the outside off and pulled the battery in hopes to save it - I was also a nervous wreck driving home because the roads were shit and if I had ended up in a ditch I would have no phone to call someone.  It's strange how when your phone is all of the sudden not working you want to reach for it more than ever!

I get home and just feel beat.  I take a LONG HOT shower hoping to revive my spirits.  I pour a glass of wine and heat up some leftovers... I feel a little bit better and start on a mission to make my computer work.  I come to find out that surge protectors have the red 'protecting' light on if they are doing their job... my light was on and my computer still wasn't powering on.  Everything else plugged into it was working (router, modem, monitor, etc.).. I pull the strip and try plugging it into a different outlet and test every plug on it.  Each one works.

By this time I'm feeling quite dejected and I turn around to see Steve standing there.  A welcome sight at the moment - I wanted to break down right then.  After explaining everything to him about the phone and the computer and how I just want to fall over and die, he saves the day, though I'm not sure how.  We go into my room and plug the surge protector back in and plug everything into it... including the computer.  Hit the power button and ... we have power!!!  Amazing.  I hug and kiss my computer and walk away a little bit happier.

My phone is still without power and I'm scared to put the battery back in.  Steve, the fly by the seat of your pants kind of guy he is says 'Screw it, let's power it back up, it'll be fine' ... so we do.  It takes about 3 minutes to start up on average anyhow, so I just sit and patiently wait.  We have power!  Amazing.

Now here we are today, the last day of the year 2008 and I cannot wait for it to be over.  A new year, a clean slate, a new mental attitude, a fresh beginning.  I mentally need this year to be over.  Tomorrow, 2009, will be great.

I hope all of you are safe tonight, no drinking and driving!  Stay warm and Happy New Year!!


Lynne said...

Glad ou got everything working.
Happy New Years to you too Ang, and may 09 bring us all everything we want!!

Loopy said...

Happy New Year Ang.

Dana Leigh said...

I'm glad your stuff is working. Don't you hate being without technology? Happy New Year to you! Here's to brand new fresh start for all of us.

Lovi said...

Happy New Year!


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