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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thoughts For Thursday - Amazing Gifts

With the holiday season upon us and everyone [but me] in the mood to shop, I find myself trying to come up with creative ideas for people.  This post is not about that so much as it is about an amazing gift I received last year around this time.

Once upon a time I met this unemployed guy named Steve, at the time I was also unemployed, so we had that in common.  We'd give each other shit for still being unemployed when we'd see one another and somehow we ended up being pretty great friends...
One day last year some time we were at the bar and decided to do some shots.  I'm not a big shot taker and Steve is a huge enabler; I gave in and agreed to do the damn shot.  Since Patron was not an option the waitress suggested Sauza Hornitos (be sure to click on that link and check out the bottle) - we kind of liked it - a lot.  The problem of the future became trying to remember what the hell this tequila was called.  We nicknamed it Swayze, cause it was close to the name and who doesn't love Patrick Swayze!?  Honestly.
Fast Forward through a whole summer and autumn of calling it Swayze and slowly learning the real name....

Steve starts telling me about this thing he is making for me... you see, Steve is a self taught genius in Photoshop and had big ideas!  I go for about a month having no idea what this could be and begin to grow anxious... finally one day he tells me it's ready and he's coming over to give it to me.  He gets to my house and has something wrapped in a brown paper bag...
I apprehensively open it... to find this:
(let me tell you how hard it is to get a good picture of a label)
Pretty fucking dope, huh?!  The back of the bottle was impossible to get a picture of and the words are absolutely hilarious.. so here you go (make sure you click on the image to enlarge it... you must read the words):
I'm pretty sure this is the most amazing gift I have ever received; it took thought, creativity, and time!  I still have the full bottle sitting on display, but I'm thinking it might need to be opened pretty soon.
Thank you again Steve, you're amazing!

So, Thoughts for Thursday - Tell me about an amazing gift you've received; is there a story behind it?  Your favorite gift, the most special gift... any gift you've received that has meant the world to you - I wanna hear about it!

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Lovi said...

That's freaking awesome! I love how creative and personal that is. Very cool!

One of Paul's all time favorite movies is Jerry McGuire and of course it's become one of mine. If you've seen it, you know he says "you complete" me in it. So the day of our wedding, I'm in my hotel room trying to get ready (super rushing around for some reason). There's a knock on the door and my best friend answer. She said it was Paul with a gift for me and I have to open it now. I open it up and it's a puzzle. I put it together and the completed puzzle says "you complete me". I was totally surprised and completely touched. :-)

Steve said...

Hey, you're welcome!

Kristi said...

Totally creative and thoughtful!! Love the label especially!

Dawn said...



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