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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random v.9.5

Your Minnesota Twins signed Joe Crede over the weekend... assuming he stays in good health... this is a very exciting thing!  A power 3rd Basemen - and the terms actually make some sense to me - One year contract at $2.5 Million, if his back can hold out, the contract could be worth up to $7 Million with incentives.
Mauer hit his first balls Monday since his last at bat in September... He had surgery on his kidney in December.  Things are looking up for this team... especially when you find a news article that is titled: 2009 Twins Team May Be Set for a 1987 Type of Season 
Doesn't get much better than that :)
If nothing else, it'll help sales for the 2010 season when the new ballpark opens up!!  Oh boy... exciting times in Minnesota!

On the topic of Minnesota sports... The Vikings are talking with the Texans and trying to acquire Sage Rosenfels.  Good news to some, bad news to other.  Do we really need another back-up quarterback?  Assuming Gus has little to no interest in coming back... can this guy pull through and be our starter?  8 years experience... 30 years old... his stats are not wicked impressive... is something better than nothing?  The simple answer is Yes.  We'll see how this all pans out; I wish we were looking for a starter.
The topic of a stadium is a whole blog in itself and I honestly have stopped trying to follow the progress.  Every time I read something about it, it makes me sad.  Just because the contract expires in 2011, doesnt mean we have to leave the state ... the Dome will still stand (we hope), and they can continue to play there year by year.  It will be the saddest day of my life if I ever hear that they are taking The Vikings out of Minnesota.  LA, you took our Lakers; let us keep our Vikings.
I'm sick of our teams being moved :(

Lastly, the Scavenger Hunt is going well.  I'm planning to blog about each picture [where it was taken, what it is, etc] once the hunt of over, in a separate post for my loyal readers.  I have thoughts for almost all my pictures, I just need to put them into action.  I'll probably be asking you to vote come March 15, but I'm really not doing this to win a prize... I've already learned so much more about my camera by doing this.  By the way, for the scavenger hunt, all my photos are and will be taken with the Nikon D60 and I'm not planning to Photoshop any of them (although I'll admit the street sign photo was because it was too dark).

I think that's all I have for you boys and girls.. GO TWINS!

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