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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt

So, Kristi posted about a Photo Scavenger Hunt and I went back and forth on whether or not I should play along... I've decided that I'd take the items on the list and give it a shot.  
All Photo's taken with Nikon D60
Here it is... FINISHED!

Please vote for me HERE - if you like what you see.  You can also check out all other entires at that link.


1) local currency - $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 United States Dollars
2) local flag - Andover City Hall; Andover, MN (Andover, Minnesota, and United States Flag)
3) local food - General Mills, located in Minnesota

4) something rusty - Pieces of the [old] 35W Bridge 
5) local wildlife - Ducks walking around in Anoka, MN

6) local nature - looking out onto Little Rock Lake; Rice, MN
7) local stamp - Graffiti @ Intermedia Arts; Uptown, MN

8) part of your neighborhood - Coon Rapids Dam; Coon Rapids, MN

9) traditional house - Princeton, MN
10) a local person - Graffiti Covering
11) local weather - Snow; Andover, MN
12) local transportation - Car ride through the Lowry Hill Tunnel on I-94; Minneapolis, MN
13) traditional local clothing -  Winter In Minnesota
14) night sky - This was taken when it was pitch black to the naked eye.
15) sunrise - Princeton, MN
16) local product non food - Post-It Notes; 3M located in Minnesota
17) something furry - Tarantula, another of my dad's pets
18) something feathery - Jasper, my dad's bird
19) a sign of the season - Minnesota Parks In the Winter
20) a part of you - In a tanning bed
21) your main hobby - Photography... amongst many other things!
22) a local shop - The Round Barn in Andover, MN
23) a local restaurant - Serendipity is a local little gift shop/bakery/cafe in Andover, MN; delicious :)
24) a street sign - Andover, MN
25) a local mail box - Land of 10,000 Lakes, all full of fish; Rice, MN


Denise said...

EWWWW, your triantula gave me the Heebi Jeebies! Great Pics. I have been thinking about doing it but haven't made up my mind.

NicoleB said...

First off: Thanks for playing along :D
Second: I'm getting the chills with the snow, even though we had some last night too.
And I really get the chills with that furry Beastie,....uh,...... :D
I love your shots and I'm glad you joined up :D!

Kristi said...

Yay!! Glad you decided to do this challenge with me! You are off to a really great start, all your pics are great! Is that an African Gray? Where did you take that cool blue self portrait?

Lovi said...

Okay, I give up -- what is #20? How did you do that?

Lovi said...

loved #16 :-)

NicoleB said...

The voting Poll is up.
Send your people on over (if you fill in the missing ones ;) )

Kristi said...

I had the exact same ideas for local products-both 3M and General Mills! Nice work- loved the tunnel shot! I still have 3 left to check off my list, going to get them done today!

Chris said...

You did a great job on the hunt! The post it's shot was hilarious and smart. Your night sky also stood out as a favorite. Nice work.

Pamela said...

The night sky -- OH TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT! I can't get off the green box.

But, your portrait in the tanning bed was really the best photo of all.

Ballerina Girl said...

Hi! Great shots!
I love your odea of the local stamp and the mailbox...
thanks for sharing

Mojo said...

Where did you manage to find a $2 bill these days? Haven't seen one in years!

Your night sky is fab, and I love the angles on a great many of your shots, but my absolute fave is the tunnel shot. Very sci-fi, and very cool!

Ang said...

@Kristi - Thank you, sorry I took your ideas ;) You did a great job as well!
@Chris - Thank you - I made everyone in my office save their Post-it's and dig any out of the recycling bins!
@Pamela - I'd love to teach you, but there really is nothing to teach, set your shutter to stay open for a bit and get a tripod (and then don't bump it). The tanning bed is my favorite too, and yes, it was off.
@BG - thank you, you'd be surprised how many mail boxes are different fish around the lakes up here.. it seemed only right!
@Mojo - My grandma sends cards with a $2 bill every Valentine's Day and Halloween; I have a collection of them. The tunnel shot is another fave of mine as well... hard to stay steady in the back seat of a car!! Thank you!

Lynne said...

6 and 14 are tied for my favorites, but they are all great.

Ang said...

Thanks Lynne! Don't forget to follow the link and vote for me! :)

Denise said...

GREAT JOB!!! I love them all and it is fun to see another part of the world. I didn't know you had so much water there! WOW! Great shots, I love them all and will get on over there to give you my vote!

Jayne said...

Okay Ang - I finally took some concentrated time to look. I like, I like! Hard to pick a favorite, so I won't - but I love your interpretation of "Sign of the Season" - very cleaver! I think your night sky and your sunrise are fabulous - especially knowing your anguish over the sunrise shot - I love how it peeks out of the tree line. The tanning bed is really cool - (or is it hot?). The post-its pic was really fun - you must work with a lot of great people to have them go through their trash for you! :) One of my very favorites is the local weather - the detail of texture there is great - makes me not feel quite as bad about snow when I look at it! Keep it up!


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