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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Let's say you were walking around a shopping development and found a fresh crisp $100.00 bill outside on the sidewalk.
Would you keep it?  Turn it in?  There is no wallet, purse or anything to claim ownership to this bill.
I posted this question in my status on facebook the other day and got a few responses; my answer [off the bat] would be spend it, my brain would later come in and say Ang, save it.

On Monday, I was out running errands for work and I had to make a personal stop for something.  In Princeton there are several little malls; one level buildings with a hallway leading to 5-10 stores.  I park my car outside one of them, walk up to the door, go to open it when I see something on the ground out the corner of my eye.  I look down and see money... fresh crisp money, it can't be real I think, it's too new looking, plus it's a hundred dollar bill, who would lose that.  I pick it up, look at it, look around to see if someone nearby had lost it, stand outside for about 30 seconds thinking what the hell should I do?!  I walk in the mall to take care of my business with the money in my jacket pocket... I go in the store and completely forget why I'm there as my mind is focused on this money.  After I walk the whole store and leave with nothing, I go back outside and look around again.  My eyes shot down to see if maybe there was another one I missed... no such luck.  I get in my car and drive away, all the while feeling extremely guilty for having it.  It's a lot of money, especially in though times.

I can't believe I have kept this a secret for so long!  It feels good to get it out.... I did tell Steve right away and I've now told a total of 5 people, including my mother.

First I though, SUSHI!  Then I thought, credit card bill.  Then I thought, partial car payment.  Then I thought, save it.  Then I thought, what the hell am I going to do with this?!
I decided a sushi dinner was in my future.
As the night wore on I remembered a few things I wanted, but wouldn't spend the money on right now because of uncertainty in my job.
Then it hit me; I have a small collection of art by a man named Chris Consani, it's classic shit - generally featuring Marylin Monroe, Elvis, James Dean, and Humphrey Bogart.  While at the mall the other week I found a store that had a few pieced I didn't own by him, all 50% off... why not spend my money on something I will have forever instead of something that will only be in my belly for a few hours [I wish I thought like that more often].  I have 4 pieces by him; one large, and three small/medium sized.  This would be how my money is spent.

This damn bill was just burning a hole in my pocket and I had to spend it quick!

Tonight we went to Rosedale, debated between 2 pieces for a few minutes and walked out knowing I made the right decision!
I now own one more piece of art by Chris Consani - and even had enough left over for my meal and part of Steve's ;)

Check out my daily photo blog - 365 Days of Hope for pictures of the bill and my newest Framed Art!

It's not hung yet... I have to figure that out still.


Loopy said...

Since there was no way of finding out who lost the money there should be no guilt in keeping it. It was just your lucky day.

Lovi said...

I wouldn't feel the teeniest bit guilty. You had no way of finding the owner. If it was in a wallet or purse with some ID, that would be a different story. Plus look at you -- standing outside waiting for this unknown person to show up. You are so the boy scout!!! LOVE IT! :-)

Denise said...

Great Idea on how to spend it! I will check out your art! :)

Kristi said...

Guess what? My BFF Lanee's hubby is a Master Printer and printed all the Chris Consani prints! He kept a set of them all for himself and he is currently selling them each for $150 with the frame. He only has 4 left and they are going quick, but they are the real deal!!
I had no idea you collected them or I would have told you this a few days ago!!

Lynne said...

You are one lucky lady! There should be no guilt since you did wait around and what else could you do?
Enjoy your purchase and think of it as a bonus.

Anonymous said... are sneaky! ha..esp to keep it from ME?! Ugh..btw you still owe me 100.00. jk. Anywhos..I like the picture! Itll match lovely with the rest! You have every right to spend that money! Finders...keepers....



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