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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Guacamole Burger

Another Burger Ang, really?!
Yeah, well the night was really supposed to just be about making homemade guacamole; turns out I have a friend who had never had it homemade.  Then, on the way home from work I gots to thinking Ang, you ain't got shit else at home to feed this person.  I added a few things to their grocery list and took my inspiration from a burger I had a few months back.  
My Guacamole consisted of:

  • 4 Ripe Avocados [pitted, scooped, and mashed]
  • 2 Roma Tomatoes [gutted and chopped]
  • 1/4 Red Onion [chopped]
  • 2 Garlic Cloves [smashed and minced]
  • Juice from half a Lime
  • Salt [to taste]
So, assuming you don't know how to make guac, basically you just take all that stuff and mix it together... wicked easy.
 Store it in the fridge while you prepare the burgers.

Moving on to the Burgers; you'll need:
  • Meat [we used Ground Sirloin; you can use hamburger] formed into 1/4 lb. patties
  • 1/4-1/2 Red Onion semi-chopped and fried to your liking
  • Cheese [we used Provolone; again, use what you like]
  • Guacamole [buy it if you're too lazy to make it]
  • Buns

I cooked my burgers on the Foreman for 4-1/2 minutes, placed the cheese on top while they were still on the grill, turned the grill off and let them sit there for another 30 seconds or so.  Placed them on a bun, scooped some fried onion on top and plopped a couple nice sized scoops of guac on top of that, then the top bun.
Of course serve the rest of your guac with chips on the side of the burgers.

If you don't have a delicious meal sitting in front of you at this point, you've done something wrong; go back to the beginning and start over.


Dawn said...

I had a guacamole burger at a restaurant here in town and absolutely loved it. Think I might have to try making my own.

Lovi said...

That seriously looks good and I just ate dinner so I shouldn't even be thinking about food! :-)

Kristi said...

Guacamole is my favorite on burgers, with bacon, pepperjack or swiss and maybe even some jalapenos! Yum, that sounds good right now!

Dana Leigh said...

Looks really good!

Steve said...

That looks very tasty indeed! ;)

~Terri~ said...

What time shall I be over for dinner tomorrow??? That looks soooooo yummy!!


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