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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arby's Bacon Cheddar Roast Burger

So I just had to have it; I've seen the commercials, I heard the commercials... I couldn't take it anymore.  I stopped on my way home last night at Arby's to try a new Roast Burger.  I pull into the drive-thru window and was quite surprised by the fact that there is not only one roast burger, but THREE!!!  I opt for the Bacon Cheddar Roast Burger because it was the only one I could order with all the fixin's.  The All- American has mayo and mustard and the Bacon & Bleu has bleu cheese spread, and I didn't know if I wanted that for my first time.
The Bacon Cheddar Roast Burger has Roast Beef, pepper bacon, a slice of cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion.  It comes fully packed with 440 calories and comes packaged in a cute little box, much like McDonald's used to package the QP w/C and the Big Mac, and cost me a whole $3.49 here in Minnesota.
Looks pretty good, so I give in and bite down.  Tasty... definitely not a burger, but still kind of tastes similar.  I take a few more bites and decide it's pretty good.  I don't know that I'd write home about it, but maybe that is because I live at home?  I actually did it enjoy it quite a bit though... it was a nice change from a burger and I've always been a fan of Arby's and their Roast Beef, so it was a win for me.
There is a good chance I'd go back and try one of the other roast burgers... just minus the mayo, mustard, and I'd try the Bleu Burger... but probably last... Bleu cheese can be extremely overwhelming.
I'd suggest giving it a try if you're looking for something new... you probably won't be blown out of the water but you may find a new love.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I bet I would love the Bacon Bleu one!

Dana Leigh said...

I've tried this one and the American one. I liked both of them but I didn't have to pay for them. Arby's has so many coupons floating around now to try it for free if you buy a drink.


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