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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay yeah... so what?  I signed up for Twitter, after basically being forced into it; then quickly after, I realized I was forced into it so that I could figure it out and drop my knowledge on the forcer.  Follow?
Speaking of follow - Follow me here.

Not the point here people; Stay with me!

Renee actually sold me on the idea of Twitter as a way to direct more traffic to my blog.  I don't really want randoms following my blog, but I did just start to follow Joe Mauer, and if he were to take the time to read my blog... well, just maybe we'd fall in love after he realizes how amazing I am.  A girl can hope right?

UGH... stop distracting me!

I went on the Google and searched the exact phrase What is the point of twitter.  The results were endless.  I found this blog which helped me more than anything else I had read up to that point.  Really, go read it; it'll help you too; not only with Twitter, but with why blogging is better than email.
After reading the blog and still not fully getting why I signed up I thought well, let's see what this thing can do. So I started researching how to sync Twitter with Facebook - you have to install the Twitter app. on Facebook [which I was not crazy about doing as I try to avoid all apps.], then you just enter your Twitter login information and the next time you update your Twitter it will automatically update your Facebook status.  Score one for me; I found one use for it.  

Actually the first use was following Joe Mauer; 2 uses... How'm I doing so far Renee?

Moving on, I thought Well, maybe I want my status on my blog? - so I researched that, again, not really knowing if I wanted to have it on there... but what the heck, why not?!  I really have no idea how I did that other than searching the Google for syncing Twitter with blogger, following a link, clicking a button, and all of the sudden I'm sync'd.  
Speaking of Following - Follow me here.

Backup a paragraph... now that I have Twitter to update my status; why is Facebook even necessary?  Really, isn't the point of FB just the status and letting everyone know what you are doing all the time?  Kind of, but not really; I'll still use the book for photos and fun stuff like that... but I probably won't be logged in ALL THE TIME anymore.  Ahhh Hell, who am I kidding?  I'll still be on the bitch stalking all you fools, I just won't have to type my status a million times over

Wait a second... 

I was only typing my status into the book and occasionally into myspace [for a total of 2 sites]... so now I've just signed up for a site and spent way to much time researching how to sync, just to have my updates come from somewhere else, still updating only 2 sites?  
I guess I've added it to my blog, but did I care about that to begin with?

Ugh... I'm struggling here people.

So, the next step of Twitter is using it with your mobile phone, so fine.. I already log into the book to update my status.  Wouldn't it be easier to send a text to Twitter and have it done for me?  Sure it would, but I'm just not sure if that is really how it works.  I haven't signed up for that part yet and, in all honesty, I'm kind of scared to.  IF, by registering my cell, it only sends me updates of my friends... well, [sorry] I just don't care enough what you people do to need those things sent to my phone.

Ugh, Read Ang...

I just read some of the help section [turns out that is helpful]... you can send SMS texts to Twitter to update your status and/or receive updates from people you specify.  
I'll maybe add that another time... for now I still struggle with the point.

Here is the last thing [as I've been writing this blog for quite some time all while trying to learn the twit]: I don't get why someone who doesn't know me, would follow me.  There is no personal information on there, so I'm fine with it... but really?  
What's the point?  

Pretty sure that is the million dollar question....

anyone have anything to say?


Kristi said...

The only thing I have used Twitter for is to update my Facebook Status and it also updates on my blog. Facebook is blocked from work and Twitter isn't, so that is the only reason I use it. I don't really get the point of it either if you're already on FB.

Steve said...

It's fairly useless if what you are twittering about isn't interesting.

Reading, "I can't wait to go to Ft. Meyers, it's cold here!!" is absolutely pointless, thanks Joe.

If you are interested in following, for example, NASA's rovers as they roam around Mars, well, there is a twitter for that. In fact NASA has a lot of twitter feeds set up for their different projects.

It's more interesting as a news feed, than a personal "this is what I'm doing at this very second" feed.

My 2cents anyways, and no, I don't use it.

Ang said...

Don't talk shit about Joe, Steve!

Denise said...

Yeah, I'm not even going to attempt it! I already waste too much time on FaceBook! But have Fun! :) and hopefully Joe will come on over and CHECK YOU OUT!

Dawn said...'s another thing for you to look into:

TWITTERBERRY!!!! An app for your berry so you can tweet!

Dawn said...

oh...and BTW....I don't guess I even know HOW to unblock my updates!!!

Ang said...

ugh, Dawn... you just gave me a headache!

Dawn said...


NicoleB said...

I'm just only recently using twitter more.
Spread some news about Hungary and get some news otherwise not heard so much about ON twitter.
I'm not much of a facebook friend. Never have been.
Since using flock as a browser, it all got a tad more easy to sign in and check, but,....nah.

I sometimes post some links on twitter or updates in my shop or funny stuff I find, but mainly. No use.

But. Does my blog serve a purpose? Does Life serve a purpose? Am I digging a deep hole here?


Renee said...

Thanks for researching the Twitter thing Ang! I am still not sure what to do with it myself... I thought it was going to be more than it turned out to be... sorry. Forgive me??? ;-)


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