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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday - Poop

I'm so curious to see the reaction I get from this!

Yes kids, that's right - today we are going to talk about poop.  You obviously know what it is, generally speaking, but about 75% of your average poop is water, which of course varies from person to person. In case you want to read more, here is a link with more information than you can imagine [it even touches on the mystery of corn poop, ERIN!].

It seems like such a taboo topic, poop, but every one does it; it's natural.  You see all these commercials now-a-days for yogurt that is packed with Bifidus Regularis to help promote a healthy digestive tract aka make you 'regular' aka poop.
It makes me wonder what the hell is going on with people that they have to eat yogurt regularly just to poop!?

Surely I understand that people eat like crap {no pun intended} in today's world and their pooping schedule is greatly affected by that.  Fine, eat the yogurt if you must.
For those of you who are regular, good for you and keep up the good work [healthy diet, regular exercise, etc]!

So what is regular?  I've done some searching on the Google and there is a WIDE range of opinion on what is normal.  Some people say 3-4 times a day [within 2-3 hours of each meal], others say a few times a week, but the consensus is at least once a day is ideal.

Generally in my TFT's I speak about myself on a given topic... same holds true for this one, but I won't go into great detail.  I poop, yes - no surprise there, because remember, everybody's doing it.  I consider myself to be regular, regular for me anyhow.  I'll tell ya what though, with my new exploration of spicy foods, I'm a bit worried about how regular will feel in the future [my friends talk].
It's funny how eating/drinking different things can have such an impact on my pooping life.

One of the many unfortunate traits I get from my father is my extremely sensitive stomach, I can get a stomach ache at any give moment.  I've learned, though, what I can and cannot eat to avoid tummy aches.  Fast food is one thing I cannot eat and feel fine afterwards - which is pretty much a good thing because I shouldn't be eating that crap {no pun} anyhow.

I don't expect a slew of comments on this one [and those that do comment, feel free to go anonymous], but...
Thoughts for Thursday: Do you consider yourself to be regular?  Feel free to give me any crappy stories you may have about poop or pooping.  Tell me how often you poop or if you have problems pooping.  Tell me anything!  LET'S TALK ABOUT POOP!  Most importantly; why do you think poop is such a embarrassing topic for many people?

I'm going to be out of town all weekend, so I don't imagine I'll link to any other TFT's... but I will if they are posted right away in the am.


Lovi said...

alright I'll go first. But I'm going to be sneaky and talk about a recent poo story that isn't about me. My nephew (4 years old) was over at our house the other day and had a really bad tummy ache and was totally constipated. So he sat down and tried to go and was scared to be in the bathroom by himself, so I sat right outside the bathroom and kept him company. I'd ask if he was done and he'd say yes, no, no, yes and wouldn't give me a strait answer. Finally, several minutes later he said he was done. Since he wasn't giving me a strait answer earlier, I thought I'd go over, take a quick look and make sure he did actually poo.

Let me tell you this..I was expecting a teeny little poo because he is only 4 after all.

I have never been so wrong. That thing was far too big in both length and girth. I said "OH MY GOD!" and I just turned around and left.

Lovi said...

btw, I think it's an embarressing topic because of the way it looks and its unfortunate smell. Think about it -- if it was looked like flowers and smelled like it too, do you think we'd ever have a problem discussing it?

Renee said...

ROFL!!! Only you Ang... and that is exactly why I love you!

Steve said...

Boy could I sure tell you a funny story involving poop, but I might give everyone a stomach ache from laughing to hard.

Ang said...

@Lovi, Thanks for stepping up to the plate first! LOVE your story! Big poop is healthy :)
@Renee... that's not playing along with the topic! But, I love you too!
@Steve - GO FOR IT... that's what I'm looking for!

Christie said...

That is sooo funny! :) Yes, I feel I am regular at about once a day. My husband definately is since he goes at about the exact same time everyday, which just so happens to be right before everyone needs to use the one bathroom we currently have in the house to get ready for their day!!!

Loopy said...

YOUGART!!!, I think I would rather smell my poop then go any where near the crappy smelly stuff. Thanks for the crappy subject Ang. I sometimes wonder what is going on in that head of yours.

Kristi said...

I hate PIP (pooping in Public). I had major stomach issues for years...I couldn't eat anything without getting the soon as I quit smoking cigs my stomach problems went away and then I could eat everything!! Now I am chubby because of it


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