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Monday, March 9, 2009

'Food Review' Label

After posting this morning with a movie review it got me thinking... for quite some time I've logged onto Citysearch and wrote short little reviews every few months.  I often use the site to find places to eat around the cities, so I figure I should repay the favor.  I think it makes sense to post those here as well - so I've copied and pasted each review into my blog for you.
If you subscribe to the feed, you probably see a bunch of [old] posts by me, that is what they are.  If you do not have the feed, you can follow this link to my label "Food Review".  I've post dated them.  I called it Food and not Restaurant because I plan to review some store bought foods as well as restaurants.  This is not some extravagant review process, it's just my quick snippet on what I think of a place, their food, and/or their service.  If you want real reviews, check out Kristi's TCRB or citysearch itself.
On Citysearch, you are limited to a certain amount of space, so most of them are rather short... formatting is not an option on the site, so forgive that.

I've also created a label called "Product Review", which so far is only my review of Google Chrome.  Hopefully I'll get more added to that label in the near future.

1 comment:

sweetsauer said...

Labels are great...I am still working on going through my 1,050+ old posts trying to label them correctly ;)
I also spent the entire weekend working on the TCRB and redoing some of the labels and menu options there. Very time consuming but makes it much easier to find things!


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