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Monday, March 23, 2009

Banner 3.23.09

I really wanted to keep the coffee banner up for a bit longer, but I needed to open Photoshop and do something.  I've been avoiding it for awhile and for no good reason.

Spring is here and even though the weather might not be perfect spring weather... it was time for a fresh clean look on the blog.
With help from the Mosaic Maker and my Flikr favorites - this banner is just beautiful to me.  I really didn't spend that much time on it and there is nothing I learned by making it... I just needed something.  I love Pink, Orange, and Green combos of color... it's a pretty girly one for me.

Anyhow... Happy Spring!  Hope you like the new look :)


Kristi said...

LOVE! Although I liked it better before when you had all your links on the right.
I need a new banner bad too, probably going to work on it this week some time

Lovi said...

It realy is very nice and springy, which I love. But, I demand the coffee banner back at some point in the future! :-)

Loopy said...

Since getting a new computer with VISTA I was unable to access my google account. That and other things going on in my life kept me from commenting on your blogs. I finally got my account working. I like the new look and a happy spring to you

Ang said...

So VERY HAPPY to have you back Loopy!

Lynne said...

beautiful, and very spring like too


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