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Friday, March 20, 2009

random v.9.7

A few things I need you to know about me:

  1. Every time I get out of the shower I find myself singing OutKast "So Fresh, So Clean".  Ain't nobody dope as me, I feel so fresh, so clean... so fresh and so clean clean  [yep, it's in your head now]
  2. I learned this past weekend that my winter coat serves like 3 different purposes.  Well, that's not entirely true; I have a Columbia jacket and it has 2 layers that come apart.  There is fleece on the inside and it's like a windbreaker on the outside.  I've only ever used it as a winter coat, the 2 pieces put together... this year I've taken it apart and I'm wearing it as a spring jacket too!  I love it!  The fleece is light green and it not only matches my purse but it is nice to have a different look and still be warm!
  3. I got my hairs cut last night.  I've gone with a slight angle, shorter in the back and a bit longer in the front.  I'll get a picture up soon.  I figure maybe a different style will help me like it better.
  4. I've been tanning all winter, and I'm pretty sure it's helped my mood drastically.  Plus, I look SO much sexier with a tan!
  5. A tip for you: when someone asks you to take a picture of them or a group, generally speaking, make sure you center them in the picture.  Meaning, don't have half their bodies cut off and the upper half of the picture be the sky or whatever is in the background.  It really makes for a better picture and they will be grateful, even if they don't know it.
  6. Steve and I have kind of been on a guacamole tour as of late.  It's a lot of fun... we've ordered it at 4 restaurants in the past couple weeks and had the homemade stuff when I made the burgers.  It's quite interesting to see how different it can be at different places.  I wish I would have been taking pictures so I could have posted one big guacamole blog!  Oh well... 
  7. I think it's time for me to take a nap.


Lynne said...

the only song I can't get out of my head lately is Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You".
I love when I make a new outfit out of clothes I already own.
Enjoy your nap.

Dawn said...

I think I need to take a nap too. That is all :-)

Kristi said...

I bet your new hair is super cute!

Lovi said...

I enjoyed and agreed with the "tip for you". It's one of those common sense, yet not so commonly practiced things. I don't have fresh and clean in my head, but thanks to your post about Brittny, I still totally have If you seek Amy in my head! :-)


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