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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Want To Do This!

I'm kind of excited right now.  Hopefully this comes through in my favor.

My cousin, Michelle, had her status on facebook saying that she may have a new job taking the 2010 Census.  For some crazy reason the Census has always been a very interesting thing to me... maybe it was my young obsession for those City Population signs.  Anyhow, I asked her how I could get in on it and she sent me a link.. I followed the link and made a phone call and now I have an appointment tomorrow to fill out an application and take, what I imagine will be, a placement test or sorts; They have a lot of different jobs.  I hope I pass or qualify or whatever.  

You can do full or part time work, which is perfect for me because my hours just got cut and I'm fully available evenings and weekends.  I think it would be such a fascinating experience and something just plain fun to do... it's interesting!  When I made the phone call today I was in such a good mood and so excited to get information.  It's funny that I'm not at all or wasn't nervous, even though it's a potential job.  I'm so excited for tomorrow!!!!

Wish me luck!!!


Dana Leigh said...

Good luck! I heard on the news that they need people for this and here in MN, they are paying anywhere from $10-$28/hr depending on what position you have. I'm sure you'll keep us posted if you get it.

Kristi said...

I have seen ads looking for Census workers. I think that would make an excellent part-time gig. Maybe I should look into it also, I need a 2nd job


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