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Friday, February 6, 2009

365 Days Of Hope

Ever since I posted my 2008 Photo Review I've been trying to come up with a way to make it easier for next year when I do my 2009 Photo Review.  I've become a lot more organized with how I'm filing my photos hoping that will help.  Somehow, I've also become completely lazy with getting my photos off the camera and onto the computer.
With the new D60 in my possession and the fact that I'm extremely intimidated by it.. I figured I had to do something to overcome that.  I needed to find a way to not only take pictures more often, but to get them onto the computer and learn my D60 in the process.  BTW, I need a name for that camera, if you have any suggestions.

I heard about this Project 365 thing where people (bloggers, photographers, scrap bookers, etc.) would commit to doing their art everyday for 365 days.  It's actually a great way to keep track of a year and reflect back on it... even more so it forces you to commit and actually do something everyday.
Google it... You'll find a lot.

When I get an idea or a thought I generally have to act on it rather quickly or else I never follow through with it.  It's something I'm trying to work on.  Which is the reason I've done what I've done without posting and talking about it right away... I wanted to make sure I was in it for the long haul; I'm still not sure if I am.  I'm also the type of person to give my all in the beginning of something because I'm super excited about it, but then after some time passes I get bored and lose interest.  I'm hoping to gain a lot in personal growth through this.  I kind of wish I would have started this at the beginning of the year... but I suppose that will make it more me.

All that being said I would like to introduce you to my latest endeavor: 365 Days of Hope.  It's my way of capturing one photo of my life a day.  As you may or may not know, my middle name is Hope... so there is a bit of meaning behind the blog title.  Ideally I would actually post daily, but being completely realistic and knowing myself... my goal is to take a picture a day and post them once or twice a week; worst case, on the weekends.
I have absolutely no expectations going into this; I would like to improve my photography skills and become more committed to it.  I'm also hoping to get away from taking the oh so obnoxious self portraits because no one wants to see 365 pictures of me [it's hard when you look as good as me though].  I don't envision there will be some breathtaking photo each and every day nor will I be carrying my D60 with me everywhere I go.  My plan is to use my D60, my point and shoot (which is a Sony Cyber-Shot T1), and the camera on my phone (which is actually a pretty decent camera).

I've set up the Followers widget, the Subscribe widget, and placed the Facebook Blog Network on there as well (I will not be sending requests via Facebook to join), so fell free to use any and all of those.

I do need those out there reading this to be okay with the fact that I'll have my camera with me everywhere I go and you may be featured one day on my new blog.

Happy Viewing and Enjoy!!


Kristi said...

Good luck with this project, Ang! I love taking pictures but have had such a rough year with cameras! Hopefully I can be inspired to so something similar :)

Shawn said...

Hey Ang - it starts to get easier if you do have a high quality camera with you where you're truly looking through the 'eye' of the camera every time. You could call your camera your 'Witness' or just give it some funky name like 'Phil'. I take 'Phil' with me everywhere I go... (people would start thinking you had someone traveling with you.) :-)

I have a backpack where I keep my laptop and my DSLR (Canon XSi) so it really is with me near everywhere.

We need to talk - as I have a lot of friends at work that are amateur photographers and we talk ALL the time. Several good books out there will also help. Here's one:

Also - it depends on your tools on your computer to help get organized...

If you want to talk more, just let me know. Happy Photos!

Denise said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I started one of those this year as well. So far so good since I started I haven't missed a day although it has only been 1 week. haha


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