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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Friends and Sushi

Last night I had a sushi date planned with Kristi & Dana (and Erick too) for Kristi's birthday, which is today:
Happy Birthday Kristi!!!

So, Dana and I know each other only through the wonderful world of blogging, She and Kristi have been friends for many years and we have been getting to know each other ;) through our blogs, comments and emails.  We've been talking about planning a dinner or something for quite some time but never got around to it... until last night!  Dana and I finally met! YAY!!
Here we are:
We met at Akita Sushi and [very much] enjoyed AYCE Sushi!  Dana is such a fun chick!  We got along great, not that there was any doubt we would... seems we have a lot in common, including being by rule left handed but also right handed.

The 4 of us were able to enjoy much sushi and great company... here are a few more shots from the night:

My beautiful sushi [White Tuna, Tuna, Salmon, Red Tuna, and Surf Clam] - The Red Tuna, White Tuna, and Surf Calm were all new things I'd never tired:
Me with my beautiful sushi:
Dana, Kristi, and Ang:
Thanks for a wonderful time last night ladies (and man)... I look forward to doing it again!  Dana, it was a pleasure to finally meet you!!


Lynne said...

Glad you had a great time! And, looking at those pictures only makes me know I will NEVER eat sushi, ever.

Dana Leigh said...

I had a good time last night and yes, it was good to finally meet you too! The whole night was fun and I am seriously craving sushi again today. I'm hooked.

Lovi said...

sounds like fun!

Kristi said...

Thanks Ang! I had the busiest day at work ever and just finally saw this!! Our dinner last night was majorly delish, I will definitely go back to Akita. Glad you finally met Dana too :)

Denise said...

YUM YUM YUM!!! But I have to ask... Were those 5 pieces of sushi all you ate?? Because I am a PIG when it comes to sushi and I eat much more!

Ang said...

Oh God NO Denise! it was all you can eat... and we almost ate everything they have there!!!

Kristi said...

The review for Akita is now done :)
And now I am in the mood for sushi again!!!!


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