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Friday, February 13, 2009

Martinis on a Thursday

I went out with one of my favorite people last night, Brandon.  He and I do not get together often enough so it's always like, SUPER exciting for me when we actually do!

We went to Moscow on The Hill in St. Paul for Martinis; cute little neighborhood it's located in.  Their list of Vodkas is out of this world!!!!
Anyhow, we each ordered our martinis:
and made our way off, but not before snapping a shot a the restaurant:

Not knowing exactly what the next step in our evening was, I apparently mentioned coffee and Brandon lit up.  At 11:45 in the evening it's not easy to find a open coffee shop or cafe; Brandon knew of a place, so we made our way.
We ended up at The Uptowner, again, in St. Paul:
So... I'm sure anyone out there would agree that if you walk into a diner at midnight, you really have no choice but to eat, right?!  The kind of place that has a nice little counter with those round stools and probably 10-15 booths lining the walls.  A place where you watch your food being prepared right in front of you on the huge grill; you might call it your local greasy spoon.  Sometimes there is nothing better then a place like that, I fear the day you can no longer walk into these places... as life moves on and chain restaurants take over, these hole in the wall diners become harder to find!
Anyhow, we ate.  LOL... we also enjoyed coffee... decaf for me, regular for B (which I've come to find out makes him quite antsy).  "breakfast at midnight", Brandon called it:
Can anyone tell me what we ate?


Shannon said...

eggs benedict???

Dana Leigh said...

Looks like you had fun. I've never heard of Moscow on the Hill. That's some vodka list. You drink the real original martini's. I prefer the trendy ones. And I am going to 2nd Shannon's answer....Eggs Benedict.

Kristi said...

I'd say eggs benedict also :)

Lovi said...

I'm going to go with sunny side up. I prefer medium well, personally. I LOVE LOVE LOVE local restaurants and totally agree that it would be a total shame if chains took over the world. Have you ever been Al's Breakfast in Dinytown? HIGHLY recommend!

Lovi said...

also, even though it'd be totally bad for you, I totally would have ordered a meal too. Can't beat breakfast food!


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