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Thursday, February 5, 2009

TFT - How Do YOU Use Facebook

After posting the other day [simply] admitting my complete obsession with Facebook and after posting this morning on Dana's blog admitting Facebook as one of my Vices... I've decided maybe it's something I need to talk about.

I found a list of the Top 100 Blog Topics this morning while trying to come up with a TFT for today.  You see, my plan was to blog vices... but Dana apparently jumped into my head and stole the idea. ;)  Upon looking at this list thinking, not only is this a good list to keep around for future thought provoking blogs, I thought Isn't it extremely ironic that Facebook is the number one topic, especially on a blog dated in 2007.  I had to roll with it.

I've come to discover a deep love for Facebook as of late, not only does the 'stalker feed' make it easy to keep up with people on a per second basis, I find myself using it to actually stalk!  LOL... I'm a stalker (like thats news)!
I have connected with many people from my past through Facebook and, while I enjoy most of the reconnection, there are a few people I'd rather not be friends with on there.  Did you know that you can go to the bottom of your stalker page and edit the settings?  You can actually go there and add names to a 'More About/Less About' list, which in turn tells you more/less about the person you add to the list.
Sometimes I get a friend request from someone from... say High School... and I don't remember that person at all, but they obviously remember me.  So I figure Okay fine, I'll add you but you're going on my Less About list [I know, I'm shallow].  That way I'm not offending anyone by ignoring their request.

I love the tagging of photos on Facebook and think it's one of the best ideas to come along in forever.  What I'd like to see in the future: A way for Person A to make an album and have Person B, Person C, and Person D have the ability to upload pictures to it... and have it show up on all 4 peoples pages.  As you know, I do photo shoots with my cousins pretty much every time we are together (sometimes we end up with pictures on 3 different cameras); it would be DOPE if we could all put our pictures into one album... so much easier!

 I have a poking war with like 7 people and, even though I have no idea what the point of it is, I quite enjoy it!

I hate pretty much all things apps and I've recently learned how to block either a) the app itself or b) the specific person from sending ap requests.  Those are great features because being that my name starts with an A, I get them all the time from being on the top of everyone's lists!  Hooray for blocking!  I have yet to block a person from sending them, but I'm getting close!

I absolutely LOVE the fact that you cannot search people by location or age or anything of the sort like you can on myspace.  It really helps with the weirdos out there.  If you want to find me... you have to know me!
In addition to that, the privacy settings are much better than myspace.  You can set it so that no one can even click your name if you don't want them to... or tweak it so they can click your name but can't see your profile or send you a friend request; you can get very specific.

I love and hate that you are notified when someone else comments on your friends stuff if you've commented on it first.  It can be annoying, but it's also helpful if you comment on a photo and your friend comments as well.

Oh really Ang... this is getting way to long for a post about a networking site.... I'm done.  Find me on Facebook if we aren't already friends... maybe I'll add you to my More About list ;)

So TFT... How do YOU use Facebook (assuming you have it, and if you don't you should really get it)?  What features do you love or hate?  How much time do you spend each day on it?

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Dana Leigh said...

Geez, I don't know if I want to admit how much I am on Facebook. All I know it is it's getting to be more and more....and more. I love the status updates. For whatever reason, I feel compelled to run the list and see what the hell everyone is doing. I guess it makes me feel like I'm in the loop with these people, even if we were just acquaintances in high school. And I love to say Happy Birthday to each and every one of my "friends". I like the privacy of Facebook and I like that it's real life. You typically aren't friends with a band or a celebrity, even though I have seen more and more celebrity profiles on there. I've never poked or been poked by anyone on there. (That sounds so dirty) I guess I don't understand the point of it. I like some of the applications but getting BOMBARDED with requests is frustrating for me and I typically just ignore them.

Sorry about stealing your idea for TFT. :) I just realized that I forgot I was going to blog about Facebook for my TFT but it must have slipped my mind. I decided to do this yesterday because Facebook just turned 5 years old and the creator is a 24 year old Harvard grad that is now worth $1.5 billion and the the company Facebook is worth $15 billion. Why can't I come up with these ideas?

Ang said...

LOL Dana, looks like we kind of traded TFT ideas for today :)

Kristi said...

Okay, I am totally addicted to Facebook and I had no idea there was a Stalker feed! I must have it! LOL. I have no idea what poking is, I ignore that crap. I do have a few applications that I really like, but have many more that I installed then deleted. I cannot access Facebook from work but Twitter links status updates to Facebook and I CAN access that from work so I usually update my status that way. I DO also have all of my friends' status's feeds in my Google Reader.
I love that Facebook is meant for connecting with people you already know and isn't as slutty or as impersonal as MySpace (which I hate and never use). The tagging photos, notes and videos is one of my favorite features. Your idea is pretty sweet to add multiple users to a photo album. At least you can post someone else's album to your own profile so that your own friends can still see those pics.

Ang said...

Kristi... the "Stalker Feed" is what us addicts call the "News Feed" - how lame is that?

Renee said...

I have to admit I am becoming more and more of a Facebook fan. The only thing I really don't like about it is that I cannot "pretty up" my page like I can on Myspace. Shallow... yes, but it is the artisit in me...wanting to decorate or splash color everywhere.
I use Facebook pretty much the same as you. I love the "more of / less of" thing - and use it often! I too block all aps, to much garbage and risk to be worth it in my opinion. Love the stalker feed- who wouldn't?
The groups need to let us know when someone posts in them though.... just my opinion.

Ang said...

I agree with you 100% Renee... it's the only way we'll ever get our group on there!

Dawn said...

OK...someone needs to tell me more about this stalker feed thing, and where to get it. And I'm with everyone else on the apps...pretty much every request I get is ignored. I wish people would stop sending me that crap.

Denise said...

I am also a FaceBook addict!!!! I love it and have gotten in contact with so many old friends. I use the same features that you do but had no idea how to change the settings. I am going to go play with that right now.

I am actually really thinking about deleting my MySpace page all together because now with Facebook I really don't need it.


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