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Monday, February 9, 2009

Banner 2.9.09

I've been a busy girl today!

Here it is ladies and gentlemen - the newest banner and look for the blog:

Playing around with me new camera one weekend, my coffee mug was a great and cooperative subject.  I took many many photographs and picked a few to base this banner around.  I love the thought of enjoying morning coffee, no matter the other thoughts that surround it.  I so look forward to my Friday mornings simply because of my morning coffee.
Anyhow- the idea behind the banner is for the background to be a coffee table (designed in Photoshop, and way easier than I expected it to be) with a few scattered papers, and the photos just to add some flair.  Can't have a coffee table without coffee, right?

Very simple look in the grand scheme of things... I think I like it.


Renee said...

since i love coffee... and you... hard not to love this newest banner. Good work Ang!

Kristi said...

Pretty sweet! You're getting good with PS!

Dana Leigh said...

love it!

Shawn said...

You're still too humble with PS - it looks great. Easy for you... not so easy for others.

Lovi said...

This is my FAVORITE banner so far. You are seriously good at this! LOVE IT! (Can you tell I love coffee??) :-)

Lynne said...

love it!!


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