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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Voting is open

Just wanted to let you all know that Kristi has been posting her favorites for each category in the October Photo Hunt -

I know most of you, if any, actually take time to look at all the entries (hopefully you've looked at mine!).  So maybe some of you will take a few minutes to look at the favorites; it's quite eye opening (to me) seeing all the photos from the same category right next to each other!  There is voting for each as well... by no means am I asking for your vote. So far my photos have made it into every favorites listing Kristi has posted... that to me is plenty enough {to toot my own horn}- I don't need to win the voting :)  The other thing I found interesting is looking to see which photos people have voted as the best of the favorites... it's funny how peoples opinions are so different.

Anyhow - I won't keep you long today; here is the link to Photo Hunt Challenges - go take a look and cast a vote or two, for your favorites, not just because they are my photos ;)

Happy Hump Day, hope you hump a lot!


Kristi said...

Thanks for posting this. Sometimes I think it is only the participants who vote although it is open to everyone!!

Dawn said...

I try to check them out when I have time. So happens I had a lot of time the other day, and I looked at probably 90% of them. I laughed at how many of them had pumpkins as the orange picture :-)

Seriously, and it's not because I know you, and you will know I mean this because I've never said it to you before, I thought yours was the best group as a whole. While there may have been one or two I thought were better in one category or another, your group as a whole was VERY impressive, IMHO.

Ang said...

Thanks Dawn! That means a lot coming from you!!


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