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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random - v.9.17

If you are one of those people who read my blog through a RSS feed, through Google Reader, or through email, you probably don't make it to my actual blog URL that often, unless you come to comment.  Well... about 2 weeks ago I added a badge that will be expiring today because tonight I am going to one of the most exciting things I've done in a very long time.
The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie ever... tonight there is a one night screening in theaters around the country for their 70th Anniversary and Steve and I have tickets!  I'm stoked.
Imagine, if you will, one of the best parts of the movie - Dorothy is in her house after it's just stopped spinning, everything is black and white... she walks to the door, opens it, and voilĂ  - COLOR!  Now imagine that on a huge movie screen!  There is a good chance I'll cry while watching this tonight - I'm going to be overcome with emotion.  I can't wait.

Went to the Vikings game this past Sunday, with Steve, my brother and SIL.  I had a blast... we made it out tailgating for a little over and hour and finally made our way into the dome to watch The Vikings {obviously} destroy The Lions.  I did take some pictures, but not with my camera, so you'll have to check out my facebook page if you want to see them - I may be a bit tipsy in some of them ;)
perfect segue...
I'm quickly falling in love with Steve's camera, well maybe not his specifically but just a little point and shoot in general, mine seems to not handle dark situations very well and with advances in technology ALL THE TIME, I fear mine is quickly becoming obsolete. - I wonder if anyone out there wants to buy me a new one for Christmas?  I sure do ask my readers for a lot of material positions; don't I?  I'm sorry :(

I wish I could wear sweatpants to work.

I have a cousin on my mom's side that I don't even know.  He's gotta be like 8 or 9 now.  I remember my aunt had him right around my parents splitting up; he must be 9.  I babysat him once when he was too young to talk, then my aunt and her husband my uncle moved to Florida.  Haven't seen any of them since.  That's really strange to me, even though I am not super close with my mom's side of the family, I see pictures of this little dude on facebook and don't even know who he is, yet.. he's blood.

I think I'm going to buy winter tires for my little machine... I wasn't too impressed with it's performance last winter - I hate spending money.  Hopefully it'll be worth it to me once they're on.

Thursday is another event I am attending - Minneapolis Institute of Art is hosting an exhibit called: The Louvre and The Masterpiece.  Pretty self explanatory really... and if not, click on the link.  It's should be a really beautiful display of art.

Then Saturday of this week I leave for 2 nights in Springfield, MO!  I'm going to visit Renee and I am very excited... I love her and her family!

Busy week - lots going on - I'm excited for it all!

I need a new banner, I'm bored with mine.


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