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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thoughts For Thursday: Mr. Yuk

Why'd they ever stop making Mr. Yuk stickers?  Everyone reading this HAS to remember Mr. Yuk, right?
Turns out, after doing a fancy little Google search for Mr. Yuk - it appears he is still fully functional!

Looks like you can get the stickers here - I think the entire concept of Mr. Yuk is great, teach kids to stay away from this little guy and save them from trouble!

Do you remember Mr. Yuk?  What do you think of the whole 'campaign'?

Hey, it's Thursday, this started out as a random blog, but it's kind of a TFT, isn't it?!


Kristi said...

Not long ago I was referring to Mr Yuk with some kids who had no idea what Mr Yuk was. I had to look up the image to show them and explained it..... YES, we should definitely teach about this stuff still but it seems that campaign has died out??

Dana Leigh said...

Of course I remember Mr. Yuk! I wanted all of those green stickers when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure I liked the sticker more than the campaign back then. I think it's a great idea. Now we just have to get the parents on board to teach their kids about this stuff. There seems to be much lacking in that dept these days.


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