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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What a LONG Weekend

[disclaimer: this post got out-of-control long... so make sure you have a minute if you plan to read the whole thing!]

Sooo.. last week I posted asking for your thoughts on ways to spend my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend.  As it turns out, sometimes planning is overrated.. especially when you end your work week with a migraine!
Quick recap of last week:
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday {after-work} were spent helping Steve pack and move out of his apartment.  This meant, right after work we started working.. this meant late nights.. this meant exhausted body and mind.  Thursday was to be the same as it was the last night we had (he had to be out by noon on Friday)... well, round about 2:30pm on Thursday, while at work, I started to get a migraine.  Needless to say, I didn't help Steve at all on Thursday.  I went home, slept for 2 hours, ate some dinner, and pretty much went back to bed.  So then let's move on to the rest of the weekend...

I woke up and had to get to my Grandmas to clean (for those that don't know, I clean my gma's apartment every other Friday), so I ate a bowl of cereal (which hurt my head) and decided not to drink any coffee (YIKES!).  I took some Excedrin migraine right away in the morning, as the day after a migraine is often times as bad as the day of.  Half way through cleaning, I started to feel a little bit normal again.
I spend the day pretty low-key around the house, managed to get some cleaning done but didn't over-do anything.
Steve worked until forever o'clock on Friday night and I joined him after work while he had a bite to eat.  We then went back to my house and kept it pretty low key, watched the end of the Twins game... after not having any coffee that day and just being overall exhausted, I went to bed while Steve stayed up and worked (boo to working over the weekend!).

Saturday we tried to sleep in, but only slept until like 9am or something.. eventually made our way to the kitchen to make some delicious breakfast sandwiches to which I finally proved to my boyfriend that fried bologna on a breakfast sandwich is the BOMB!  We then got ready because I had a surprise in mind for him.. it was a beautiful day out, so why not get outside!?  He had to work for a little bit, so I hung and waited, then we got in the car and I directed him to this place; it's a mini golf course/sculpture garden... it's a pretty neat little place (local readers, you should check it out sometime).  It was fuggin HOT outside, so after mini golf we decided to head over to Maynards on Lake Minnetonka for a patio cocktail and a bite to eat.  We're kind of stupid when it comes to eating sometimes... I'm trying to eat less, so I ate half of my sandwich and Steve ate his entire sandwich.  Then I remembered that there was a sushi place near by that a friend told me about once, so I looked it up on my Google maps and it was like 2 blocks away... so Steve said "wanna go get a roll?"  DUH!  He knows that I love me some sushi... so even if I'm stuffed (which I was not at this moment), I will say "Of course!".  Steve was stuffed after eating his whole sandwich, but managed to get half the roll down.  THEN (again, remember we're not smart)... we see a little ice cream shop across the street and decided we needed to get a malt (we may be obsessed with malts too)... however, we agreed that sharing one is the only way to do this.  Steve left the experience stuffed to the neck and I was just full.

Afterwards, we make our way back to our area and decide that we were going to get ready and find a place to sit on a patio and drink.  On the way home we decide that buying a Powerball ticket is necessary and said if we win, we'd fly to New York the next day.  Somehow the night ended up getting away from us and before we knew it was 9pm so we run a few errands, get ready, and walk to the closest bar and proceed to get drunk, then walk home.  At some point in the night we decided to look into getting a hotel room in St. Paul for Sunday night.  So we got back home and both opened our laptops.. did some research.. and left it with nothing finalized before going to bed. Oh, and we did not win the lottery :(

We wake up and go to the grocery store to buy breakfast supplies, make food; this day was scrambled eggs with extra sharp white cheddar shredded over them, a bowl of fresh raspberries, a half of bagel and a couple sausage links (I love breakfast!).  We then proceed to waste away half of the morning/afternoon looking online for hotels, now in Minneapolis.  Finally decide that we'll book a room at The W - Aloft Hotel.  After that decision, we make a reservation at Sea Change for dinner.  We then pack our bags and hit the road to Minneapolis (a whole 25 minute drive).  We get to the hotel, check-in and begin to get ready... make our way to Sea Change and do the thing there.  We eat and leave feeling a bit underwhelmed (great food, just... wanted more), so we begin to search out a place nearby for some cheesecake!  We stop by The Old Spaghetti Factory and commit to having dessert there, plus a martini.
Being that it was Sunday night, and a holiday weekend, there wasn't much going on around town... at least at the little end of town we were at and we were traveling by feet, so we didn't want to go too far (I had already changed into my flip-flops as I picked a bad pair of heels to wear).  The Aloft Hotel has a bar called the W xyz bar, so we picked to hang there all night.  It's pretty awesome, especially on a beautiful night because there is an outdoor 'lounge', which we took full advantage of!  The bar had board games all over to play, so I grabbed Mad Gab and we sat there, just the two of us in a cute little corner, reading cards and trying to figure out what they say.  If you've never played Mad Gab, you should try it.. it's a HOOT!  It ended up being a wonderfully simple and perfect night spent together.

Monday we woke up and I was easily hungover!  Steve woke up and went and sat in the shower for like... ever!  We were flipping pages in one of the local food mags in the hotel room and I got a craving for a burger, so we decided to hit up The Bulldog N.E..  We finally made out way out of the room (around 11:15am).. Now, I've been to The Bulldog a handful of times and I always leave there amazed at their burgers... but on this specific Monday I left absolutely BLOWN AWAY!  Because Steve and I skipped breakfast I ordered the Good Morning Burger, which is a Kobe beef burger with a fried egg, thinly sliced ham, and American cheese all served on an English muffin.  I shit you not.. this is the absolute best burger I have ever {ever} had! My god, I didn't want to stop eating it, but I was so full, I had to leave a couple bites.  I'm not sure how I'll ever order another burger there.

We then made our way to The Mall of America because I'm in the market for a new chain necklace... we spent a good amount of time out at the mall; shopping, people watching and eating cheese.  We also stopped at the Ikea store on the way out and decided that Steve needs to buy a house that has a massive kitchen!  Both of us were tired out of our minds (lack of sleep and not much for caffeine), so on the way home I proposed the idea of making grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches for dinner.  Steve said sure and suggested we also get tomato soup to go along with it.  I agreed.  Once at the store, we quickly dismissed the soup and bought sweet corn-on-the-cob instead!  YUM-O!

  • Quick little side note; Microwaved Corn-On-The-Cob: a super fast and super perfect way to cook corn-on-the-cob: peel each ear and wrap in wax paper, twist the ends to seal closed as best as possible.  Stick them in the microwave for a few minutes; I do 4 ears in the microwave for 5 minutes total and it's almost always perfect, you may need to add an additional minute, but only do it one minute at a time extra.  Unwrap, butter, salt and enjoy!!
We ended the night catching up on a couple episodes of a TV show and then going our separate ways.

All-in-all, it was an awesome weekend!  We relaxed, we ate, we drank,, we walked a lot, we may have shared a few laughs, and we had a wonderful time together!  Did we do anything I had 'planned' in my head?  No.. but sometimes that is absolutely okay.

Today marks the 'official' one year date since Steve and I became 'official' - So Happy Anniversary Baby; thank you for a wonderful weekend!

I can't believe the weekend is over already, it went by so fast!  Now this coming weekend is going to be one big blur... and I can't wait!!

{Is it sad that when I do weekend recaps I have to check my bank account to help me remember what I did?}

AND.. it just dawned on me that today is June 1st, which means another Photo Hunt for the month!  Can't wait to see the list.. :)


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Happy anniversary to you two! Dustin and I are coming up on 5 years in July and I seriously can't imagine where the time has gone!

And microwaving corn on the cob? That's so weird! Is it still crisp? I think I need to try that...

gringationcancun said...

That sounds like a really fun weekend! Im jealous you went to Ikea and stayed at a hotel!!

Congrats :)

Kristi said...

What a great weekend, I love that you guys are Food Adventurers! happy anniversary and tell Steve I would like to meet him sometime


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