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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Year

Happy Wednesday to all my lovely readers!

I've been a busy girl writing blogs but not publishing them... why, you ask?!  I wanted to get a jump start on the You Want To See WHAT?! series.  So I have most of the post written but no pictures in them... that is the part that takes more time... it's easy to write a post while I'm at work ;)  I figure if I can get one published per week it will be a good pace and allow me to stretch the feature out a bit!

So today... I'm writing about something other than what you want to see... but I am still looking for your help a bit.  Some of my readers are local, some are from half way around the world (how cool is that?!) Each and everyone of you has a brain though, and I'd like to pick it a bit.  HAHA!

June 1st is the 1 year anniversary of when boyfriend and I became official.  This coming weekend is a long weekend because of Memorial Day.  We want to do something, but we are unsure of what.  Steve wants to go to a restaurant we've never been to with awesome food.  We've toyed with going away overnight and getting a room somewhere.  I want to fit in a picnic.  I wouldn't mind going on a hike at some state park.  So many options... and they all sound wonderful.

So dear readers... what do you think we should do?!  Those of you local, give me some places we might go.  Those of you not so local, give me some things we might do.  We're pretty adventurous people and generally open for anything...


Anonymous said...

I hate anything to do with hiking, so obviously my vote is to go to a new restaurant.

However, a day hiking/picnicking would last longer than a dinner out, so that's kinda cool!

Or go hiking/picnicking on Saturday, then out to dinner on Sunday. Tah-dah!!!

Kellie said...

Picnic! Ha ha. I'm nowhere near the area so I have no idea.. but I hope you have fun! And congrats :)

Magpie said...

My vote is the picnic. Plastic champagne glasses, cheap champagne, strawberries, a delicious meal in the sun....

God I'm so jealous!

If the weather doesn't cooperate I suggest booking a night or two in a five star hotel and pampering yourselves. That's not bad either.

LY said...

Congratulations! I know this is coming in late as you're probably already on your weekend getaway with the plans already made, but just wanted to pipe in with my suggestion - maybe for next time. My favorite romantic restaurant to go to in the TC is The Loring Cafe in Dinkytown. I LOVE LOVE the atmosphere in there and they have the BEST coffee.

Anyway, hope you are having a blast!


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