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Friday, May 14, 2010

5.14 Blanks

If you want to plan along, find Lauren's blog here

1.  The very best thing about the summer is      camping and campfires.  I love being up in Northern Minnesota under the stars with friends, we are limited to the months of nice weather, so enjoying it while we can is a MUST   .

2.  My first crush ever was      a super hot guy named Austin.  He was literally the hottest guy in the 4th grade... EVERY girl wanted to be his girl friend.... oh the memories .

3.  This may sound really silly but       I sleep on my couch.  I have a bed, I just don't use it.  I'll post more about it in the coming picture posts   .

4.  I squeeze my toothpaste from       the bottom, if I'm using a tube.  I've been using that new toothpaste, it's in a... canister type thing, no squeezing necessary with that one... and the toothpaste is amazing!   .

5.  My absolute favorite "comfort food" is     probably chips... or chex mix... well, anything salty really.  What can I say...   .

6.  A random fact about me is that      I never want to have kids.  I feel like it's a completely selfish decision and I feel horrible, but I just don't want them   .

7.  The one piece of technology that truly makes my life better and I couldn't live without is      Tivo.  I value my TV time.  I keep drama out of my personal life as much as I possibly can, so I NEED the TV to get the drama elsewhere      .


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I LOVE campfires in the summer! With s'mores and little smokies!

Jess said...

I'm not sure I want to have kids either. Dont feel bad about that decision!

Magpie said...

You know, a LOT more people don't want kids than will admit it.. What I want to know is -

Why do you sleep on the couch?!


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