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Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Have I Started?

LOL... yo peeps... I'm getting a crap ton of hits from those of you who have linked to me via this post.  I just wanted to drop a line to those of you visiting from other blogs...


I hope everyone joins in this game - it looks like there could be some real fun in it.  Post your links for me to see as well (as a comment or whatever)... just so everyone knows, I found the idea here.  I am nowhere near creative enough to think of this on my own!

Feel free to look around while you're here though.. I must warn you: I'm not really that interesting.  I'm a 20-something (28, but don't tell anyone) Midwest girl (Minnesota).  I like to drink martinis, margaritas, and many bottles of wine (I was going for alliteration on that one).  I love to eat too.  I can't spell, so I rely heavily on my spell-check.  What else could you possibly need to know?!  Nothing.. so tell me what you wanna see!

1 comment:

gringationcancun said...

I've gotten tons of hits today too! This idea is so fun :)


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