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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fill in The Blank 6.4.10

If you'd like to play along, check out Lauren's blog and make sure to link back.
This weekend FITBF is travel based... and since I've done so much traveling, I feel obligated to do it!

1.  My dream vacation would be       somewhere breathtaking.   I've always wanted to go to Australia for my honeymoon (assuming I ever get to take one), and to me that would be a dream because of everything that goes into it (being based on spending time in a beautiful place with my husband).  HOWEVER... Steve and I are planning a trip to Hawaii winter 2011, and I think that is going to be a little bit of a dream too!  I'm so excited and can't wait to make that a reality      .

2.  The best trip I've ever taken was      its tough to decide between spending a drunken week with my mom, my brother and one of my best girlfriends in Cancun or spending a romantic long weekend in Napa.  I've been several places in the name of love and while those were all great trips it hard to not say that getting up on a stage at a Mexican Resort dancing to "Follow The Leader" was anything but amazing.  Mexico is amazing, I'll pick Mexico   .

3.  The most important items to take on a road trip are      mad libs, snacks, lots of good music, camera, and an atlas   .

4.  The next trip I'm looking forward to is       probably Hawaii.  We've agreed to save our moneys for Hawaii, which means no trips, although we do have some camping planned this summer and we have talked about taking a trip to Chicago area to tackle Six Flags  .

5.  If I had to pick one CD to listen to for a long road trip it would be     Eminem.  I can listen to him over and over and over... and over.  Which CD, you ask?  I'd say his latest disc; Relapse   .

6.  The biggest disaster I've ever encountered while traveling  was     nothing really.  Other than a lost bag, which wasn't really that big of a deal.   Or maybe the one time that the weather in Minnesota was so bad (snow, ugh), that I got stuck for another night in San Fran... not a horrible place to be stuck   .

7.  My favorite traveling memory is      probably the road trip I took with Erin and K.. we drove from Minneapolis, up through to North Dakota, and all the way across to Seattle, then down through Portland, into San Fran.  From SF we drove down to LA/Hollywood/Venice Beach, then we stopped through Vegas on the way back up to Minnesota.  While we were in Montana we took a wrong turn and ended up on some dirt road... upon trying to pull over and ask a passing card for help the car sees us and just waves as they drive by... LOL... it was the funniest thing ever (maybe you had to be there)... we finally found another car who told us exactly what we needed to do.  The lady was even nice enough to wait for us by the turn we needed to take, to make sure we didn't miss it.  Best road trip ever!      .


JerseySjov said...

you should check out Curacao for future trips... it's a teeeeny little island in the caribbean and it's totally beautiful but not overly touristy like, say, aruba or something.
i went there 2 years ago and it was hands down the best vacation i've ever taken :)

Kellie said...

I love your road trips answer.. and I love road trips haha!

(The picture thing that I'm working on kinda hit a snag.. aka my laziness.. I'll try to finish it by the end of next week! ha ha)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

You should definitely go to the Six Flags in Chicago - my aunts live about 5 minutes from there, so jealous!

And beware - I've had friends that have gone to Australia for trips and just decided to stay. I've heard it's amazing!


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