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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random v.9.12

Weeds - So I started watching Season 4 (oops, I mean S4) of Weeds last night - I'm in loooooveeeee!  I will say right off the bat though that I am thoroughly disappointed with the lack of Little Boxes, on the hillside... Little boxes made of ticky-tacky... Little Boxes, Little Boxes... They did play it for the first episode, but the others have some lame little intro.  I do understand it no longer takes place in the setting to play the song, but damn yo!  I love having that song stuck in my head... it's so joyful!  Aside from that, I'm loving where the season is headed.  I believe there were 5 episodes on the first disc... watched 'em all, loved 'em all, laughed out loud quite a few times.  Am I using the word 'love' too much here?  Do I care?  No, because I LOVE this show.  I'm going to buy the season after work today (along with Gran Torino).  There's just something about that Nancy Botwin...

Blogging - It's falling off yo, people aren't doing it as much as they used to - makes me sad.  I know summer is busy and all, but I so much enjoy reading the blogs I do.  I think it's silly how we sit and read each others blogs to know about each others lives... like you, yes YOU... the one sitting there reading this right now - do you really care about my life that much that you're reading my blog?  You must... and I'm glad you do - I love the attention, so thank you, Mr. or Ms. blog reader, I appreciate you.  Now, that being said and you knowing that I like attention... why don't you leave a comment and say hello, especially if you never have, I'd love to know you're reading.

Plinky - On topic with blogging falling, have you guys checked out Plinky yet?  To bloggers specifically, it really helps with ideas and keeps your blog going, so people don't forget about you ;)  It generally takes just a short bit to type out an answer and the site is very helpful with adding elements to the posts, such as maps or images, and if you link it, it will automatically publish to your blog.

Panties - I used to buy my panties (E, I'm using this word just for you) from New York & Co., but they have stopped making the particular style I like... I just don't know what to do!  I almost refuse to search out other options... but eventually my current panties will need to be replaced.  I'm just a wreck over this as of late... my current panties are getting old and I'm going to need to do something soon.  (This could be the dumbest thing I've ever written!)  I'm not looking for options/suggestions here, just looking for some moral support.

Porn Star Names - Upon being asked to come up with a porn star name (for reasons that are just NONE of your business), I found this list of female porn star names by decade - on Wikipedia. Notice how in the 60's you have 3 names... now scroll down to the 2000's - isn't that F'n nuts!  This obviously shows how much the porn industry has grown (and we still have 6 months left of the year).  Just something I thought worth mentioning.


Krysten Hartenstein said...

I'm glad you gave props to Weeds - I just got the first season on Netflix and I'm pretty psyched!

Ang said...

OMG Krysten... you are going to love it!!!!!

Lynne said...

Well i do love you Ang, otherwise I wouldn't read your blog.
I can totally relate to the panties thing. I used to buy mine at Victoria's secret and they changed the style and I have yet to finnd some I like. I know you just want moral support, but check out ebay coz they have everything.

Dana Leigh said...

Hi! I'm leaving my comment because I read your blog and I like reading about your life and looking at all your pictures and all that good stuff. :)

Ok, tell me more about the underwear (I hate the word panties) at NY&Co! That's where I get all my undies and they are my favorite. Which ones don't they have anymore?!


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