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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random v.9.11

**UGH... Do you ever just want to get away, run away, escape life - even if for just a weekend?  Of course you do, you wouldn't be human if you didn't.  It never solves any problem (assuming you have a problem to escape), it won't allow you to get anything done (assuming you're running from backlog), but it gives you the feeling of rejuvenation, it makes you forget 'real life' for just a few days; who doesn't want that?!
I feel like I say this a lot in my blogs (with no luck)... but if anyone has spare dollars laying around, taking up space in your sock drawer, or earning too much interest in your bank account... I'd love to take it off your hands for you - we can work together and figure something out.  Promise, I'm generous.

I've been researching Vegas all morning... not cheap.  Maybe I'll look into Philly next, I've always wanted to go there.

**How come when you go to McDonald's, Burger King, or any fast food place and order a burger with only ketchup, or plain or anything where they take things off... you don't get a discount?  They charge for extra this and extra that, but if you want less than what you get for full price... you still pay full price!   I'm in outrage!

**Don't ask me how I feel about this Brett Favre stuff... I'm not following the story, although I do know he had surgery and I do know the Vikings are giving him a time limit to decide what he wants to do... but again, I'm not following it.

**The day before I went to Missouri, I posted this on my daily photo blog, after work that day I got a ride in that car.  It was my first ever time being in a Chevelle and it was one of the most exciting things I've ever experienced!

**Also surrounding Missouri - I decided on my 20+ hours in the car that I do in fact like the smell of skunk.

**My hours have been restored at work, I'm thrilled!  Last week I actually worked overtime... we are swamped!  Who knows how long it lasts, but for now it's good... so we roll with it!

**I've decided that it's okay to eat Chicken Wings, the real kind, on the bone.  Steve and I have kind of been on a kick as of late, normally we hit up B-dubs and eat our faves.  Last week we ate the wings at Kieran's in Minneapolis, they were super tasty... I like dry wings a lot I'm noticing, over wings full of sauce.  We also went to Serums in Anoka, they have tons of wing spices/flavors, I ate one sauce with 3 peppers next to it - OMG my mouth was on fire!  I managed to get 2 of them down... then didn't really taste anything else after that! :)  I should be photo blogging about all the wings I've been eating lately.
mmmMMMmmm... now I want wings!

I think that's it ladies and gents... How is life going for everyone else?!  Lots of summer plans?


Kristi said...

Hot wings are one of my faves! I especially love Buffalo with bleu cheese but I also like honey mustard, teriyaki, oyster, etc. I am hungry for wings now too! LOL
As far as extra $$... I need a source too, since I have three months without my regular paycheck and little saved up. I am pretty much screwed

Shannon said...

I feel like your first paragraph describes my life! I don't know if you even know this, but I'm in Milwaukee visiting Jordan and it's been a great escape from life! Just wish I could do it more often...

Lovi said...

Yeh! Glad to hear you got your hours back. Do you ever listen to NPR? There's this thing they do almost every day called "sign of the times" and people call in and mention something they noticed in their life that is a sign of the times. I'd like to think you getting your hours back is a sign of the time that we are maybe, MAYBE on our way back to financial recovery. Either way - glad to hear it!

You crack me about about the Burger King/McDonald's comment. I totally agree.

Renee said...

You just need to hold on a few more weeks and then make the very cheap escape to BB land!!! I will be there, it is a perfect escape for those of us tight on cash. I agree on the Mc D's thing, I often go places and order things without the meat (as I do not eat meat) and I always have to pay full price! Makes no sense to me! The meat is the costly part for them. UGH!


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