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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Strange News

I don't often blog current events because ... well... I just don't.  As it seems many of my blogging friends are in a slump, I'm doing what I can to keep mine going (for me and, of course, for you) - I don't really have much these days that I feel like writing about, especially with the PSH's on my mind 24/7.

I heard a story on KQ this morning that shocked and awed me; completely worth sharing and I would love to hear what people think about it.

Imagine yourself at your High School graduation; your name is called, you walk up on stage... this is a huge moment in your life!  You're excited, you're proud, you're happy.  You look out in the crowd point to your friends thinking Hey, look at us, we did it, yo! You see your mom and blow her a kiss to acknowledge the fact that she must have done something right because here you are, about to graduate!  Moments later the superintendent tells you to return to your seat because today you won't be getting your diploma.
"There's no fooling around up here" she says to you...
REALLY?!  Fooling around?!

This happened to a kid, Justin Denney of Maine, last week.  Many other graduates were also denied their diplomas for goofing around - throwing around beach balls and such - which I can almost understand, beach balls at a graduation is kind of unnecessary.  I, personally, find it hard to believe that waving at friends and blowing your MOTHER a kiss is fooling around!  Its a proud fucking moment in any kids life, prim and proper hardly applies to being handed a diploma.

You can read the Fox News article here for more details.

The assistant superintendent said Justin will get his diploma, but how special will that be for him... You only have one chance to walk up on stage and receive your diploma; talk about a bittersweet moment.

I would be quite upset... to say the least!


Krysten Hartenstein said...

Woah - I don't even know what to say about that! I remember getting my diploma and I'm pretty sure I was too nervous to do much of anything but to be denied your diploma for simply enjoying the moment - that's pretty ridiculous and that school should be ashamed.

NicoleB said...

That's sad - poor fellow :(!

Lynne said...

this world has become way to serious for me. Peole need to lighten up and just have a good time and a sense of humor.
Shame on the school for taking that away from the kids at their proudest moment.

Lovi said...

I saw the headline for this and yahoo and just assume the kiss on some hot and heavy action on the stage or something, but blowing a kiss to your mom? Are you freaking kidding me? That is RIDICULOUS!

I'd be super mad if I was his mom too. That superindendent needs to get off her power trip.

Loopy said...

What is this world coming too? The Princable or who ever is in charge should be fired.

Kristi said...

That's Unbelievable! How stupid


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