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Thursday, June 25, 2009

This and That

commitment - not something I'm afraid of or have a hard time with.  When I commit to something, I'm in it.

I've committed to 365 Days of Hope - my daily photo blog.  I'm around day 141 now and I'm finding myself starting to slack.  I'm losing interest.  I still care, I still want to do it, but I'm lacking motivation.  I want to take pictures of things outside; last week it rained a lot, this week it's been wicked muggy... both great excuses to be indoors.  I have all winter to take pictures of things inside though.
Day 131 - I took a picture of a f'n balloon for fuck sake!

I need motivation.  I need inspiration.  I'm committed to this for 365 days... not only to learn how to take better pictures and learn my camera, but to do something for a year, something that is mine.
Only 224  Days to go!

The Photo Scavenger Hunts have been great for my photography and my daily photo blog - I kind of feel like I'm getting burnt out on those too, maybe it's a bit of frustration from not being able to get a few shots, or wondering at the end of each how I'm going to get the last few shots.  I haven't heard anything about a July Hunt,  not quite sure how that makes me feel - I think it'll be nice to have a break, but I'd kind of like to have the challenge - hunting for things (and trying to make them 'outside the box') is pretty exciting.  I like to be good at things, I like to stand out... these hunts allows me to try and be good and stand out.

I guess I kind of feel like I'm in a funk; completely normal for me, just generally I'm funky in the winter.  I actually had a great attitude all winter, my mood was fantastic, and I had a lot of fun.  Now comes the funk, I guess.
I want to get away... go somewhere, a beach sounds nice.  No cash though, especially after the budget 'planning' of the last few days - I don't have the spare cash and I'm trying to pay the credit card down, not add to it.  Although... not eating out and not drinking for a few months could really fund a nice little get-a-way.  Maybe that'll be a goal.  I wonder how I'd spend my time if I'm not out eating and drinking.  I'm antsy.
I wonder where I'll go...

Happy Thursday peeps - is anyone out there anymore?


Lovi said...

I'm still here - mostly as a reader and less as a fellow blogger. I know what you mean about getting antsy and needing inspiration. I have a serious tendency to lose steam. Keep up the photos though! How many of us have a memory from every single day of the year? I sure don't.

Loopy said...

I hope you find the inspiration soon.Being in a funk is not good.


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