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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Ditty

I've recently discovered that following a link on someones blog that leads to another blog is a pretty good idea.  I've begun a new system of reading blogs, if I find a blog I like based on one time reading (which is usually the first page of posts), I'll add it to my reader, read it for a few days or weeks.. then if I truly like it, I'll make it known that I'm reading.  That way I don't follow a blog, announce myself right away and then decide it's really not my style and never go back; I just feel like that is rude.

So... over at this blog (which I just recently started to follow) I was linked to this blog (which I just added to my reader today) and I figured filling out one of these little ditty's would add another post to my archives in a time where I feel I'm falling off the blogging spectrum.


Outside my window: it's overcast.  Looks like it's going to be a mostly cloudy day :(

The time is: 7:22am

Today I feel: just okay; could have slept a bit longer.

I am thinking: about my new phone (seriously, I'm addicted)

I am going to: the gym tonight.

I am wearing: jeans and a baby-T (lol, are they even called that anymore?)

I wish: on shooting stars

I am reading: this survey as I fill it out

I am working on: this survey, rather than my actual job

I am hoping: to book our trip to Hawaii soon!

I am hearing: people in the office chattering... (we really need walls)

Around the house: is my little big cat, wishing I was home petting him

I bet you didn't know: that I absolutely hate where I work right now

One of my favorite things to do: is eat!

1 comment:

itschaotic said...

Well thanks for reading ma'am! You are definitely in my Reader too :)

I may be a weeee bit jealous that you're planning a trip to Hawaii! Nice! And yay for making it to the gym :)


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