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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dream House

Well - I don't remember the last update I gave you guys on the house hunting but I think it was left off as Steve put in an offer.  After some back and forth (aka counter offers) - buyer (Steve) and sellers finally agreed upon an offer!  Contingent inspection, the house was to be his!  The inspection was this past Monday.. and it went very well - so Steve signed his life away and the closing is to be at the end of February!  Fucking exciting as shit people!

Now that it's all but final - I figured I would take a few moments to show you this beauty of a house Steve was lucky enough to snag! I did steal some of the shots from online, but some are from one of the times we viewed the home.

You walk in the side door and up into the kitchen and see this:
Another view of the kitchen

From the kitchen you walk into the formal dining room:

Another view of the dining room:
In the dining room looking back towards the kitchen (kitchen has a swing door, shown here on the right.  Door on left is a 'broom closet')

From the dining room you go into the living room:

Off both the living and dining rooms there is a door leading out to a front sun porch:
The porch and front door

You walk up the stairs:

and find 2 full bedrooms and one room without a closet (they have to call it a nursery as it can't be a 'bedroom' without a closet and it's pretty small too)
master bedroom

Second upstairs bedroom
Also upstairs you have a bathroom... but not just any bathroom... ready for this?
Yes indeedy - it's all pink.  Pink toilet, pink sink, pink tub, floor, walls... Steve plans this to be the first thing to go - he wants to keep it classic to match the charm of the age of the home, but feels the pink needs to go.  I will be helping in that DIY project and will post blogs about it.  

Moving right along - there is a half finished basement.  When you walk down the stairs there is a decent sized closet:
future wine cellar?  I think so!

There is also a living room down there with a bedroom:

A bathroom with a shower only (upstairs bathroom only has a tub, shower will be added right away in some form):
And a little area for laundry:

So... the home was built in 1923, it has 3 official bedrooms and a nursery, it has 2 baths, a 2 car (plus some extra room for a workbench or something) garage, and the entire home has been kept in great shape.  It's so clean ... and just simply beautiful!  All the old wood reminds me of the house I grew up in and now, as an adult, I just love the character in older homes!

I need to start packing - turns out I have a lot of stuff.  


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh my gosh Ang SO SO SO exciting! That house looks amazing - lots of charm and character.

I can't believe Steve wouldn't want to keep the pink bathroom ;-) Is he nuts!? Hehe.

Congrats to him AND you!

Busy Mother of 3 said...

Flipping Awesome House!!! SO love all the built-ins, the Fireplace, all the wood work, and did you see that huge stretch of counter space you all have?!!! You can roll out some serious dough on that thing! I can't wait to see the blogs on the DYI bathroom project, the house looks spectacular. Congrats to you both on your new ventures in life.

Anonymous said...


That is one of the most perfect houses I've ever seen (minus pink bathroom)

I love, love, love all the windows.

And it's HUGE!

Loopy said...

It looks like a great place to live. You and Steve will have to have a few kids to fill the place up.

Busy Mother of 3 said...

Idea!!! While Steve isn't looking... turn the "nursery" into a walk in closet! ;-) Then you can keep all your stuff and maybe even buy more. =D

Smart Ass Sara said...

I love it!! Good luck with moving-- that's always such a pain! ;)

Kristi said...

Congrats, the house is adorable!! Lots of gorgeous wood :) What city is it in? Is it a 1 1/2 story?

Dana Leigh said...

Beautiful with lots of character. You know it's an old house when they have those beautiful built in hutch. SO happy for you guys!


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