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Friday, January 28, 2011

I don't like marshmallows

That's really about it.  

I was watching a vlog that Harley did and she was commenting on how when she comes to America (she lives in Ireland) she wants to try s'mores.  Apparently they don't have Graham crackers over there!  Anywho - when I go camping and my friends are all munching away on the gooey s'mores, it makes me feel all icky inside.

I don't like marshmallows.  eww.


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I only like them if they're cooked but raw... not so much.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Krysten... raw they're just ok, but they're heavenly when cooked!

Murdock's mama said...

yall are crazy...marshmallows are awesome! Unless they have all that sugar on peep at Easter...yuck!

JerseySjov said...

marshmallows are overrated...while everyone else was trying to not ignite their faces i always snuck around making smores that were just chocolate pieces between 2 chocolate pieces

Smart Ass Sara said...

I love smores. :) And I've been known to eat a bag of mini marshmallows. Which is maybe why my thighs look like mini marshmallows?? Hmm... guess I never made that connection. Son of a bitch. Ugh.

Busy Mother of 3 said...

I LOVE Marshmallows, as long as they are cooked over an open camp fire until they catch fire and blacken all around. Great on S'mores. Other than that, I love them on baked sweet potatoes, and that is it. Cannot stand them raw.

Harley said...

Thanks for the linkage! I can't believe you don't like marshmallows though! They're incredible! Not even in your hot chocolate? Not even the mini ones?!



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