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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A plug, an update, and some random

A website plug, not a butt plug or anything crazy like that..
A good friend of mine has started a recipe website - Dinner with Ease - if you like cooking and want to try out some new recipes, follow her - she's been on a posting spree!  She is a wife and busy mother of 3 children, so I think she has the cooking thing down (I actually know from experience that she does!)  Anywhos - check it out and maybe learn a thing or two; who couldn't use a new recipe?!

Update: on the home front.  As I told you a few weeks ago, Steve is looking for a home to buy.  He's been pretty much super awesome and asked me to come along to everything from First Time Home Buyers classes to looking at each home with him - it's been a lot of fun and super informative for me.  Well, on Monday Steve put an offer in on a beautiful home built in 1923!  It's so full of character and has been very well kept - beautiful woodwork and hardwood floors... amazing!  Currently waiting   Anyhow, just wanted to share the bit of fun/exciting news with you - obviously I'll keep you posted.

I was thinking the other day about how I used to blog.  My random blogs were seriously... random - this was more when I was blogging to a certain audience and since then, I've change a bit to blog for my current audience, you!  Anyhow - I wanted to share some snip-its of the random posts that once upon a time were posted on myspace and copied and pasted when I started this blog:

**I love to have my window down, but I drive by the dump in Elk River everyday and not only does it stink something fierce but there are always trucks in and out, up and down on Hwy. 169. I had several huge rocks hit the windshield on my van, a couple even put a chip in it. What if those rocks came in my rolled down window and took out my eye?!
**Have you ever thought about what would happen if you are driving... you are wearing sunglasses (or regular glasses)... and your airbag (assuming you have one) deploys?! Would those glasses break leaving shards of glass or plastic in your eyeball?

**Does anyone know what is on the other side of the world… directly across from wherever you are?! 
**Last night I met up with the most amazing guys friends near me- we went to "All-You-Can-Eat Crab Legs" (YUM-O!!), no big deal, I shouldn't be tired from that... well I had a few glasses of wine and 5 plates of crab legs- i probably should have stopped at 2 glasses of wine and 4 plates of crab legs. {NOTE: the most amazing guys friends near me <--Steve was one of those people}
**I am sitting at work, I am very tired from lack of sleep this weekend and all I keep thinking about is laying my head in my desk for like 5 minutes.  So I was just having that thought, only this time I have a 3 ring binder on my desk with the rings open to take stuff out.  My head is heavy... my thought to follow was 'What if my head fell onto my desk with the rings open on this binder and my eye hooked on one?' 
**sometimes... I look up at the clouds on a sunny blue sky day and I think "Damn, those clouds really look like the clouds in the intro to The Simpsons."

**So all week, i've had to use my automatic power window, and by automatic i mean that if i push the button in the down position real quick it will roll itself down all the way.  So as i'm driving away and trying not to crash while fumbling with the deposit receipt, i would like to be able to push that same button in the up direction and have it roll all the way up.


Smart Ass Sara said...

Thanks for that website- I'm printing recipes off like a mad woman. Three trees have died this morning because of me. :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I think it's awesome that Steve wants to share the home buying experience with you! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that he gets it (and you better takes pics).

Busy Mother of 3 said...

*tear* Thanks so much for plugging my site! You are amazing, as always. I really don't have many recipes up yet, but I will eventually have many. My delay in posting more has been I am not one to cook with measurements. So, now most anything I am wanting to share I am having to cook and measure out before posting. But seriously, you didn't have to share my site, but I really appreciate it.
As for the home buying experience you are getting to share in with Steve; What a guy!! The house sounds amazing, I wish him luck!
And now for the random blogs, LOL!
I still love your random blogs too, so please don't completely abandon them. I remember all but one of those blurbs and loved reading them again.

Busy Mother of 3 said...

One more thing. I do believe that seeing my blogs link in the same paragraph as the term "butt plug" does mean that I have officially arrived. Thanks for making that happen. ;-)

Ang said...

LOL Renee! :)

Dana Leigh said...

I'll check out that site, thanks! Hey, what city is the house in that Steve put an offer on?


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