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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Have you ever seen an Amaryllis plant?  It's basically a bulb you can buy around the holiday season at say... Target or wherever, then you put it in some dirt and watch it grow.  It shoots up this tall green stem and then it starts to bloom - they say it should bloom by Christmas time, in most cases.  The blooms are large and crazy beautiful - if you're lucky enough to get one of the super bright colors, you're truly blown away.

Well, my mom buys one of these plants every year in December and we sit and watch it grow - I'm always anxious to see what color its going to be and to just be amazed by the growing process.
It's finally bloomed and last night, while I was waiting for my dinner to cook, I decided to take some pictures.  I don't like taking picture in my kitchen because the light sucks and it was already dark so natural light wasn't an option.
Here are a few I've played with ... a couple with a basic edit then a duplicate of that photo with a texture overlay.  Just trying out some new stuff....


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