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Monday, January 10, 2011

23 Days, 17 Workouts?

Ok - I need your help thinking about this -

I leave for Hawaii in 23 days, I know it's way too late to start working out and expect to get where I want to be, HOWEVER, if I workout every weekday from now until I leave, I can get in 17 workouts - what'll happen if I do that?  Surely it'd get my metabolism going and I'd hopefully be able to shed some water weight and whatnot... but do you think it'd do anything to the way I look?  I can also start eating smaller meals, for the next 23 days, which... may or may not make a difference; any difference would be minimal.

It's probably just the right thing to do - for my body and my mental state - so I'll probably do it.  I just have no patience for working out and waiting to see the difference.  I expect results after a week and... well, we all know that's just not realistic.

Please be honest with me, I know it'll hurt, but I need to hear it.

17 trips to the gym in 23 days... what should I expect?!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

But... but... ice cream just sounds so much more fun!

Anonymous said...

Not sure you could get substantial results in that time period, but it might be a good reason to get started exercising!

That being said... nobody at the beach cares what you look like in a bikini (unless you're a whale, which you're definitely NOT), so don't stress and just have a great time! I think you'll find that you already look better than 99% of the people there :)

Dana Leigh said...

I doubt you would be able to see real results but you might start to get toned a little. You will definitely feel better mentally. If getting 17 workouts done in the next 23 days is going to stress you out, then I wouldn't put much into it. Also, it's true what gringationcancun one cares what you look like in a bikini. Even I wear a bikini on the beach in Florida. I'm not the most comfortable, that's for sure but I know that I'll never see those people again. Steve will think you are sexy no matter what. Enjoy your vacation and relax. No need to stress about this kind of stuff.

Smart Ass Sara said...

I don't know.. it depends on how hard you're working out. I think working out and the lower calorie intake is going to make a difference. You might not go down a size, but you'll defintely notice less "extra" around your waist and stuff. And maybe just the fact that you worked out will make you mentally think you've slimmed down? Do it!

SystemShock said...

I would advise taking it slow and eating the right foods. You would not want to hurt yourself. Running in intervals would be the best. Get your heartrate up, then bring it down, then get it up. It willl build your metabolism.


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