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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Steve and I went back and forth for about ... well, it was like a 2 minute conversation about what we wanted to do for NYE.  I was happy and content staying home, but we had 2 parties we were contemplating.  One small gathering and one larger; Steve told me staying home wasn't an option. :(  I don't like when boyfriend tells me "No", but he does it so rarely that I figured I'd let it slide this time ;)
Going out meant drinking and drinking meant not driving and not driving meant not staying at home - which I hated the thought of.  The older I get, the less I like staying away from home.  So we decided that we'd cab it back to my house regardless of where we ended up.  So anyhow, we ended up going over to Jeff and Linnea's house - who we've spent the last few NYE's with.  Jeff and Steve have been BFF since they were little kids as they grew up next door to each other - Linnea is Jeff's fiancée.  There was going to be about 7 of us total; the plan was to fondue.

So we decided to take the train up to his house for an easy $3.25 per ticket, then we planned to take a cab home.  Somewhere Steve has a picture of us at the train station, waiting alone in the cold.
Once at Jeff's we pour drinks and socialize.  Then the fondue is ready, so we all dig in and have a good time standing around filling our bellies.  We had 2 oil pots (with steak, meatballs, cut up hot dogs to dip in batter, potatoes) and one cheese pot (with green and red apples, bread, etc.) - after fondue we played games and waited for midnight.  It proved to be a great time - here are the pictures I've swiped off Facebook:
We played pictionary man and this is my drawing of Mr. T
The boys were losing bigtime - and the girls were loving it!
Then we tried to take some group shots before midnight:

I don't remember this one:
this is Jess and I - (I with purple teeth, guess what I was drinking):
me and boyfriend - with Brady getting in the mix:
I think I'm trying to be cute here:
Love these peeps!

Steve and I ended up getting a cab about 1am and headed back to my house.  We got home and sat crossed legged on the couch facing each other and had one of the best conversations we've ever had.  Sure we were drunk and bits of it are blurry - but it was amazing.
I suppose now is as good a time as any to share the news with my blog friends... I've been waiting to share the news on my blog until everyone I love knows (mostly I was waiting to tell my mom, but she knows now) - back in September I was having a hard time (most likely my time of the month as a get pretty emo) and Steve and I had a big talk - that talk ended with Steve making a decision to buy a house and asking me if I want to live with him once that happens.  I, of course, said YES.  Steve and I are ready for it and I'm excited for it.  I've never lived with a boy, besides my brother, so I'm pretty nervous too.  Anyhow - a lot of our talk on Friday night/Saturday morning was about that and our future.... it was just the perfect way to end one year and start another.  I love Steve and I'm so in love with my life!

I'm really glad we went out on Friday night - it was a great time!

Happy New Year to all my blogger peeps- I hope 2011 is the most amazing year you've had yet!


Anonymous said...

Ok first I'll comment on New Years... looks like ya'll had a fun time! I like to stay home, too, but I like small parties even better :)

And... OMG OMG OMG that's such huge news! I'm happy for you both and can't wait to hear more about it.

Kristi said...

OMG is right! How exciting! Perhaps you will be part of the house-hunting process then too?!

Dana Leigh said...

Happy New Year! Looks like a fun time. I'm reading your posts newest to oldest so I read already you were moving in with a boy but now I know the whole back story. That is sooo exciting! Living with someone is so awesome but there's not so good times too. It will be a great journey and experience for the both of you!


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