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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 8 of Birthday Month

On my way home from work last night I realized that I have a picture of the front of our house to show you - so you can see exactly how awesome my party invite is:

Pretty neat, right?  He obviously took out a tree or two, but that's kind of the point.  Anyhow - thought that was worth sharing.

Last night, Steve started another project (who knew he was such a rock star?  Me.)
It wasn't finished when I went to bed but when I woke up this morning there were post-it notes all over our kitchen counter:
Under cabinet lighting!!!!!!!! (with the light off)

This is it with the big kitchen light on as well
I never knew we needed this until just this morning.  Every time Steve would talk about it, I'd listen and think cool, that'll look neat but turning it on provides SO much more light on our counters, it's going to be the best thing ever while cooking and stuff!
It's seriously so awesome!

I'm hoping that tomorrow night I will have a dramatic house change to post about - during the day, my mom is coming over to paint with me - we're going to tackle the kitchen and, depending on the time, get on the dining room too.  We only have tomorrow to do it though, so I'm not going to start the dining room if we can't finish.  Saturday is Steve's work party and Sunday I'll be too hungover to paint.
The following Friday is my birthday and I'm not going to spend my birthday painting.  My mom and I kick ass though, so we'll get it all done tomorrow, I'm sure of it!

Look for those photos tomorrow, probably late.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

If you ever want to send Steve over here I have lots of projects he could do =-)

AND I need to get painting. The beige walls in my place are BLEH. Fortunately for me, my mom loves to paint. Unfortunately, she's in Florida.

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

Your house is gorgeous. wow.

gringationcancun said...

I would totally do the undercabinet lighting too... if I had upper cabinets haha

Looks great :)

Dana said...

I'd love to have an under cabinet light. I just don't ever think of things like that. Your invite is great!


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